Garmin and it’s lies 🤷‍♂️

I love data. And I especially love being told good things. So when they go hand in hand it’s a good thing. Like getting back from an awesome run where you feel like you’ve put a bit of effort in only to look down at your watch proclaiming to you that your training is “unproductive”. Gut punch or what?

I was expecting “productive” or at least “maintaining” or maybe my VO2 max prediction has gone up one after my lungs didn’t fail on those inclines. But no, it says I’m unproductive! Bastard thing.

I recently increased my running significantly and did a couple of back to back ultras. Running long, slow, and at almost a sedentary heart rate. The watch had the cheek to say I was “detraining”! As if that’s even a word?!

I now can’t believe a word it says, except when it tells me that I’m being Productive and then of course, it’s 100% accurate. 😂

I really don’t think it knows how people who do ultras train. Is it really worth it?

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