Inspiration or talking bollox

It’s been a few years now that I’ve been running however the past year has seen me really get into it. My knowledge of all things running has improved either through own experiences or reading mags and online forums. Runners Forum being the best btw.

In fact running is more of a hobby it’s a passion. This is no understatement that running has changed my life for the better. Something a lot of people have experienced themselves. I know this as I speak to them and can relate. Getting fitter, losing weight it’s like a drug and that drug makes you happy. Experiencing the runners high is electrifying and motivational to keep going and trying to get that feeling again.

People as me why I run. Why do you run marathons. Why do you run 5 times a week. These are all easy but hard questions.

I run because i enjoy it.

I run because I like to see new places and take in great views

I run to keep fit.

But most of all, the most rewarding part is inspiration and inspiring other people to run either by explaining my experiences, encouraging them that it’s a good thing to do or helping them with a problem.

There loads of mantra and cliches in the running world. It’s a marathon not a sprint. Don’t think what you can’t do but think what you can do and surpass it. Etc etc.

I actually believe them all though.

So as you can tell from the above I’m kinda addicted but also could come across as taking bollox. None more so than the other night when in the pub being introduced to a mate of a mate I sat down and blabbered bollox to him about running for at least an hour. Poor sod was prob bored tho I was told he found it inspiring. Which is either politeness or true. I may never know but in any case I got to talk about running and pass on some knowledge… Maybe. And that’s it for me, I do it for myself but also my ego in me says that if I run a massive distance or run a race quick or even do a stupid challenge that when telling people about it after I will get praise and acknowledgement. That is also a massive motivational factor for me that keeps me going and finishing the last excruciating miles in a marathon. I say to myself “what will people think if I don’t finish?”…


2 responses to “Inspiration or talking bollox

  1. Cor Tin tin’s been doing well!

    Great post Glenn. I too can talk balls about running for hours on end, I think it’s a great thing to have passion for something, especially something that is so good for you and rewarding.

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