Plantar Fasciitis Yo-yo

January Virtual Spine got me, I got PF, a soreness in the ankle. It was either the snow, ice, wearing spikes, and/or the increase in mileage that got me.

The pain was horrible at first. Hobbling out of bed in the mornings, but slowly stretching the pain would ease. To the point that walking was fine and I was able to run.

It’s been 6-7 weeks now and I run 3 times a week, but I know that the day after the pain will be worse. It’s a 5/10 pain. Not that bad but enough to know I can’t do much running without it hurting.

Stretching, massaging, physio, strengthening is all routine. I just can’t seem to shake it. I’m even wearing some insoles around the house. It’s annoying at most.

Somehow with lockdown I don’t feel too bad but I know when lockdown eases I will want to go further afield. I’ll want to be fit.

Question now is, rest fully, no walking, no running, no nothing. Or keep going and see if it improves over time?

One response to “Plantar Fasciitis Yo-yo

  1. Have you tried the PF socks that Feetures advertise? I have no idea if they are a gimmick but I would be trying them if it was me. I obviously don’t have PF but my knees are always achy/painful after a run (sometimes during but not as much as they used to be). It is something I have now got used to – run/achy after sometimes into the next day/day off and then run again.
    I am sure you are doing stretching exercises like toe curls and towel scrunching but if not maybe that would help?

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