2021: the year I hardly ran

I wrote this but didn’t publish, thinking it too negative or not relevant. But as I’m awake at 4am I feel different and as this is a personal blog I write mainly for me I thought it best to come out of the drafts.

Those stats, released by Strava as your 2021 in numbers, were a stark reminder that this past year hasn’t been the best. Cycling has become my top sport with running lower than walking. I’m a glimmer of my former self. I’m starting to question if I can be called a runner anymore, more of an occasional jaunt, every 3 days if my foot is up for it.

Despite my plantar challenges, I had to look back through my photo reel to remind myself that there was adventure and although mostly two wheeled, it was good.

I’ve been injured before, yet this feels like the longest and most frustrating. But on the other hand my brain probably hasn’t obsessed with it as much as before as I didn’t really have anything planned that would need to be put off. And in 2021, whose mind was really focussed on things they loved? My mind was focussed on just getting on. The covid mind fuck, the never plan anything as it might not happen vibe, the never ending numbers of positive tests, the restrictions are looming so don’t go nuts. It all was a lot and so my mind didn’t focus on recovery. Yes, I wanted to get better, but it wasn’t number one priority.

Maybe 2022 will be a redemption of sorts. My foot still hurts if I do too much. I am going to have to manage and adapt to shorter adventures by foot. Maybe I need new goals. Like in 2021, my mountain biking adventures took off. I realised I could go further off road, on more gnarlier terrain. I even bikepacked for the first time. Long days out on two wheels is different though. More kit. More logistics. I miss the simple art of running.

I look back at some of the running stuff I’ve done and wonder if I’ll ever return? Who knows! That’s where my head is at. Not written off yet, but there’s doubt.

Sure I can hear my voice saying that people get over plantar fasciitis and so will I. But I also know the pain I’m in most mornings, taking those first steps.

I’ve given up trying to fix the problem through physical therapy. That didn’t work. My discipline of keeping check isn’t there so why bother.

In a more positive vibe, perhaps my sport can change and I’ll eventually be known as a cyclist?!

I’m going to do one of those montage films of my 2021 adventure so I make sure i remember the good times this year. Watch out, more positive posts are coming I’m sure!

One response to “2021: the year I hardly ran

  1. Sometimes we just have to manage our injuries – you can still do running adventures. You just may need to do them over a longer period with walking on in between days for example. In 2020 I thought I would never run more than 5km every again, my knee pain was so bad, but look at me now. Never say never, you just have to make adjustments. See you soon xx

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