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  • 2021: the year I hardly ran
    I wrote this but didn’t publish, thinking it too negative or not relevant. But as I’m awake at 4am I feel different and as this is a personal blog I write mainly for me I thought it best to come out of the drafts. Those stats, released by Strava as your 2021 in numbers, were […]
  • Bikepacking Perth to Oban, Scotland
    As I sit here looking at the red sunrise, warm and comfortable on a plane at 20,000ft I reminisce about the three days Bikepacking I’ve just completed. Not 24hrs ago I was packing up the tent in a chance break in the rain that had been persistent since 5am. I’d boiled water for breakfast through […]
  • Plantar Fasciitis- healing the heel
    Note: this is not a scientific blog and it’s mainly about the progress of my PF but also the mental effects of rest. As I write I’m tentatively upbeat about my heel pain that I’ve self diagnosed as Plantar Fasciitis (PF). It’s been 8 weeks since the onset. From the hobbling about pain in the […]
  • Plantar Fasciitis Yo-yo
    January Virtual Spine got me, I got PF, a soreness in the ankle. It was either the snow, ice, wearing spikes, and/or the increase in mileage that got me. The pain was horrible at first. Hobbling out of bed in the mornings, but slowly stretching the pain would ease. To the point that walking was […]
  • Escape – An emergency day off.
    Lockdown is rubbish eh? I live in Edinburgh, Scotland where we’ve been bound by law to stay within our council boundary since November. Before that, it was asked of us to do so and we did. As someone who likes to run and ride long and to visit places, it’s been a bit claustrophobic. I […]
  • Adventure reflections 2020
    I made a montage of my favourite adventures in 2020. Pictures and videos showing awesome places to run, swim and ride in Edinburgh and Scotland.
  • Running Scotland Coast to Coast – Video
    You can read a blog about the run here 🙂
  • Easy East Lothian
    A day off timed right with October sunshine saw me head to East Lothian. I was dead chuffed with this route. It seemed to have everything. Forest, beach, hills, open farmland, cliffs, rocks, some road and some lovely wooded trails. I parked at Binning Wood, a place where I’m sure I will return to, and […]
  • Garmin and it’s lies 🤷‍♂️
    I love data. And I especially love being told good things. So when they go hand in hand it’s a good thing. Like getting back from an awesome run where you feel like you’ve put a bit of effort in only to look down at your watch proclaiming to you that your training is “unproductive”. […]
  • Glen Tromie Kingussie Circuit
    Another day in the Cairngorms was too hard to pass up with mountains of holiday to take. I hatched a plan and Ronnie was up for it too. The plan was to set off at Kingussie and cycle though Glen Tromie, through the Gaick pass and down to Glen Garry to pick up the A9 […]
  • Through the Lairig Ghru
    It sounds so grand, doesn’t it. Hard to work out how to pronounce I guess. La-Rig Gr-roo or something like that. It sounds better in a Scots accent than my Geordie. Grand in sound, grand in nature. I’d heard of this pass through the mountains a long time ago, perhaps because of its height, almost […]
  • Running The Cateran Trail
    We’re half way, or so we thought, as Ian and I were sitting on a bench in the warm sun in Altyh we were contemplating the reasons why we’d chosen to do this over a single day and not stuck with the original plan of a 2 day adventure. It might have been entirely my […]
  • Glen Tilt to Linn of Dee
    It’s been 12 years since I last came here, our plan then was to hike half way to Braemar, camp and then hike out the next day. It’s a popular mountain pass. At only 40km it is also not very long. Back then I wasn’t much of a runner but I was beginning to start […]
  • Scotland Coast to Coast
    The forecast was for mist in the morning and cloudy at lunchtime with a Yellow weather warning for heavy rain from 1pm. It’s 8am and I’m at Ardgay on the Dornoch Firth. The tide is out so the mudflats are all to be seen of the tide. This tidal Firth stretches miles inland from the […]
  • Strava PRs…
    Me, like quite a lot of runners and cyclists are on Strava. I’ve been on it since the early days, I can’t remember when but I remember when that was it was easy to get KoMs around Edinburgh and beyond. I used to make segments and hunt them down. Getting a KoM was a bit […]
  • North Isle of Mull in Winter
    North Mull We spent Hogmanay on the Isle of Mull. A winter retreat to a remote part of the country. Not too remote, we stayed in Tobermory, a relatively busy place as Island settlements go. Mull businesses do close for the winter but there are a few open. Crucially there were a few restaurants and […]
  • Where has the running gone…
    Where has all the running gone I often blog when I’m injured. Call it a release of sorts. I picked up a dodgy foot/ ankle in a race at the end of August but this was probably just where it eventually gave way, I’d been carrying something for a long time. I’m slowly getting back […]
  • Heightened senses returning to running
    Returning from injury is always done tentatively. Do you risk it? Stepping out the door my senses were sharp, feeling everything. My toes, my metatarsals, my knees, everything. Every ache, muscle contraction and landing with my foot analysed to the n’th degree. Autumn has arrived since being off, those 4 weeks of not running were […]
  • Why am I running 100km?
    Well, it’ll actually be around 105km by the time I’m complete. The simple answer to this is because I want to. I’ve never ran this distance before in any shape or form. My longest distance ran was 85km Glasgow to Edinburgh and the next distance down from that was 72km on Cape Wrath Ultra. So […]
  • Remembering the running tricks
    I’ve become a sloppy runner. I don’t know if others who run ultras get like this or if it is just me but I don’t really have a training plan, nor do I try to fit in runs. I run occasionally during the week but long at the weekends with no set distance. Perhaps because […]
  • Running the length of Scotland
    482miles / 770 km 119hours of running 18 different days over 11 Months 21000m of ascent. Running the length of Scotland. Little did I know that when I signed up to run the Cape Wrath Ultra that it would lead to many more adventures and personal challenges. I met some wonderful people, made lasting friendships […]
  • Running Scotland
    Little did I know that when I signed up to run the Cape Wrath Ultra that it would lead to many more adventures and personal challenges. I met some wonderful people, made lasting friendships with some and gave me a new outlook on my ability. One thing that came out of it was a challenge […]
  • Running St Cuthbert’s Way
    4 years ago!
  • Wee film of West Highland Way run
  • West Highland Way in 3 and a bit days – planning
    Planning the WHW would have been easier if it had been “in season” however I decided to do it in the off season due to work commitments and left over holidays. 96miles / 155km is some feat. Here’s my planning and thoughts with my logistics too. If you want to read my blogs. Links here, […]
  • Day 4 WHW – Race for the train West Highland Way
    I had one too many beers last night and was talking a bit backward so decided to go to bed early at 8:30! I was chatting to the Dutch guy I’d met who was walking it. His long legs means he was going twice as Fast as I would go walking. Waking up I was […]
  • Day 2/3 WHW West Highland Way
    I wake in an empty hostel, no one it seems came in last night and I didn’t see the ranger again. I made coffee and went up to my room. It’s still dark. I muster the energy to get dressed and get some breakfast. Freeze dried porridge with sweet bits. Possibly apple. I also made […]
  • WHW West Highland Way day 1
    I’ve got my feet up and drinking tea. I’m not long out of the bath. I’m the only one in Ardress Lodge and I feel relaxed. Today was fun, I started the day in Edinburgh and caught an early bus to Glasgow and an Uber to Milngavie. Here I started to run the West Highland […]
  • Do what scares you, right?
    Excited and scared in equal measure, that’s my current feeling. Normally with something like this I’d be pouring over maps, worrying about kit, debating food choice, panicking about fitness. But no, nothing like it this time. Perhaps a bit complacency has crept in since finishing Cape Wrath I’ve felt invincible. I’m not. Perhaps foolishly my […]
  • River Almond – Edinburgh Airport
    I love linking up traffic free trails together to make longer trail runs possible with the least amount of miles on tarmac as possible. There’s a great trail that used to be an old railway line that connects Kirkliston and S.Queensferry. The only problem is, it goes to Kirkliston and onto the Newbridge roundabout. It’s […]
  • Fast paced for me: Antonine Trail Race Report
    I can’t remember when I last entered a race where I ran flat out, at threshold, for a sustained period of time. Perhaps it was the Nocturnal Ultra where I ran 5km laps as a relay. I went flat out then, but knew I needed to save myself for other laps ahead. The Antonine Trail […]
  • Tour De Cairngorms Film
    Film of our run around the Cairngorms in late September 18.
  • That Damn Bird
    I swear there’s only one Cuckoo alive in the UK and that cuckoo followed us from Fort William to Cape Wrath. ALL-THE-WAY! Have you ever noticed that although they say Cuc-koo in a two toned never changing sequence, you can change their meaning and start adding your own interpretation of that sound? No? Just me […]
  • Limits
    The song I mainly have in my head right now is “no no, no no no no, no no no no, there’s no limits” Why did you enter Cape Wrath? The answer is complex. I mean, I’ve stated many times that my reasons were to; see the beauty of that part of Scotland; to challenge […]
  • Things I learnt on a Multi Stage Ultra
    Fiona Russell did a great job of summarising her 18 things she learnt whilst blogging for the Cape Wrath Ultra and I thought I would have a go myself.  Here are a few things I learnt whilst on the run… I took too much food My spreadsheet of calories and carbs required to get me […]
  • Cape Wrath Ultra Film
    Watch it below… and read about it here.
  • My Cape Wrath Ultra Story
    I’ve been toying with this for a couple of days, how do I do the experience justice in a blog? How do I put down in words the emotions, the scenery, the rollercoaster of a journey?  The following will be an honest account of my time on the Cape Wrath Ultra. I will save you […]
  • Day 8 Cape Wrath Ultra
    Day 8, the final day, if I have made it this far, Kinlochbervie to Durness, 16Miles, 26Kms, 700m of ascent. Track my progress using this link. If you can, please donate to Hope for Children. This is a scheduled post. I won’t have any phone or internet for the 8 days. See you on the […]
  • Day 7 Cape Wrath Ultra
    Day 7, Inverlael to Inchnadamph, 45Miles, 72Kms, 1400m of ascent. Track my progress using this link. If you can, please donate to Hope for Children. This is a scheduled post. I won’t have any phone or internet for the 8 days. See you on the other side.
  • Day 6 Cape Wrath Ultra
    Day 6, Inverlael to Inchnadamph, 45Miles, 72Kms, 1400m of ascent. Track my progress using this link. If you can, please donate to Hope for Children. This is a scheduled post. I won’t have any phone or internet for the 8 days. See you on the other side.
  • Day 5 Cape Wrath Ultra
    Day 5, Kinlochewe to Inverlael, 27Miles, 44Kms, 1400m of ascent. Track my progress using this link. If you can, please donate to Hope for Children. This is a scheduled post. I won’t have any phone or internet for the 8 days. See you on the other side.
  • Day 4 – Cape Wrath Ultra
    Day 4, Achnashellach to Kinlochewe, 22Miles, 35kms, 1400mof ascent. Track my progress using this link. If you can, please donate to Hope for Children. This is a scheduled post. I won’t have any phone or internet for the 8 days. See you on the other side.
  • Day 3 – Cape Wrath Ultra
    Day 3, Kinloch Hourn to Achnashellach, 42Miles, 68kms, 2400m of ascent. Track my progress using this link. If you can, please donate to Hope for Children. This is a scheduled post. I won’t have any phone or internet for the 8 days. See you on the other side.
  • Day 2 – Cape Wrath Ultra
    Day 2, and if all is going well I will be running some 35miles today – 57km from Glenfinnen to Kinloch Hourn. Track my progress using this link. If you can, please donate to Hope for Children. This is a scheduled post. I won’t have any phone or internet for the 8 days. See you […]
  • Day 1 – Cape Wrath Ultra
    I’m setting off on my biggest challenge yet. To run 400kms in 8 days. Track my progress using this link. If you can, please donate to Hope for Children. This is a scheduled post. I won’t have any phone or internet for the 8 days. See you on the other side.
  • 2 days to go… until I start running 400kms
    Twelve Months in the planning and it is only 2 days until I start. HOW? How did it get so soon? My mind is doing the typical thing of flipping between being really excited to flutters of butterflies. It means I really care about this race. The phantom injuries have started to show themselves. Niggles […]
  • I could do without this…
    A trip away with work that is. The same week I need to get my head into the zone. Visualising aspects of the race. Not that it is a race but more a challenge. (If you’re new to this blog then I plan on running 400kms). If I weren’t full time employed things would be […]
  • 8 days remain
    8 days remain. The same number of days I will be running for. Excited but scared. I’ve been fighting a cold. This always happens when I wind down. Whether tapering or working, as soon as I take the foot off the accelerator I get ill. Being run down is inevitable after a training regimen that […]
  • Packing for 8 days of running
    I swear I pack less when I go on holiday for 2 weeks, but I have just packed 20kgs of running stuff that I need and may need for 8 days of running. I could have gone primal, one set of running clothes, limited hill food supplies and perhaps a toothbrush. I haven’t.  The event […]
  • I am not superhuman
    Some more musings of a tapering ultra runner… Shhh! Don’t tell anyone. But I am just like you. I am not different and don’t have any natural ability. I have run for the good part of 10 years. In that time I have struggled through running a sub 40min 5 km to burning out on […]
  • Thoughts from a tapering ultra runner…
    13 days and I will be running in my first ever multistage/ multi-day run which will cover 400kms in 8 days. The Cape Wrath Ultra is a beast but an epic adventure too. As my training subsides to the taper I am afforded the time to sit, ponder, and think. Below is a list of […]
  • 2 weeks to go..
    As I stare out to the calm Forth, I’m reminiscing about my training. It is hard to believe that I’m just two weeks from starting this adventure. From signing up about a year ago, I can’t think where that time has gone, no, what training I have done. I have trained, I have failed to […]
  • Running for Hope…
    I’m running for the charity Hope for Children – if you would be so kind to donate you can do so here.
  • 19 days to go…
    Travelling with work is ‘tough’, it’s usually early starts, long days, travelling itself takes its toll.  A lot of walking and a lot of thinking usually.  Proactively I have limited my travelling in the weeks leading up to the race, with a hope I will reach Fort William rested and ready to tackle the race.  […]
  • Pentland Skyline and the taper is FINALLY here!
    But how does one Taper for a multi day event?  3 weeks to go! Having run a final hard run of the training, that didn’t exactly go to plan (more on that run below), I find myself in an unplanned Taper.  As usual, my training is largely winging it, though I cross that with running […]
  • Planning for an 8 day ultra!
    I think if I knew what it would take to plan a multi-stage race before I entered, I think I might have thought twice, but probably enter anyway.  I guess most of the challenges that I set myself, always start with a bit of naivety. This 8 day venture from Fort William to Cape Wrath […]
  • The darker side of being a runner
    If you’re a runner or someone who competes for fun or even for glory you will have at some point witnessed the highs of your chosen sport. In running this is often called the runner’s high. That feeling of elation, joy and maybe even of floating. The many instagram photos and twitter posts of runners […]
  • Confidence broken
    And just as the world was looking up and I wrote a blog about confidence I only go and get injurated*. 😦 *new word I slipped on a paving stone and fell to my knee. This didn’t seem bad at the time. Just a wet knee and dented ego. The run home that evening was […]
  • Confidence Herring Road
    I’ve had some doubts of late whether I’d be able to complete this 8day Ultra in May. My usual visualisation of the race that I do to mentally prepare myself has not been happening. I guess I’m not letting myself think or dream that I can do it as I’m not so sure I can. […]
  • An 80km week
    I stretched the 80km over 5 days fairly evenly. Partly as I was due to be travelling this weekend but also because the snow came and I wanted to run in it! I’ve had some awesome runs in snow this week. It changes everything. The scenery, the workout, the approach to running and my ankles […]
  • I miss my bike
    It’s been a few months since my lovely hybrid got stolen from me by a deranged idiot* and I’ve still not replaced him. I could say it’s because I’m busy and there are SO many options out there but I think in reality it’s because I’ve been focussed on my running. My Facebook memories have […]
  • Huge training week
    This week I reached a total of 75 km in training which is by far my furthest of this training cycle. It’s been a good week of being able to get out and enjoy running. I’m getting the old niggles of long distance running rear their heads so I’m going to try to get more […]
  • It was one of those runs I wished I hadn’t started
    Bleak. Bleak was the scene that I found myself in. I’d convinced myself that I was clearly invincible and that shorts were also a good idea. The forecast was for heavy rain between 5am and 11am then sun. Couple that with 46mph gusts I thought it would be fine. I needed an early run to […]
  • MAPS! I love Maps!
    Who doesn’t right? Now I’m in Ultra mode, and training, I’m getting excited about long training runs and have begun to dream of mini adventures to while away a day on my feet training. OS Maps is a great resource, and I love the clarity of their maps.  I’m also quite new to Harvey maps […]
  • Ultra Equipment!
    Is there no other better thing than buying kit? I need to buy: Poles, to practice using and help me on the hills Trail Shoes, the mudclaws are running out of miles 😦 Road shoes, These are worn and also getting to the 500km mark. A battery pack thingy, to charge my phone, watch, satnav […]
  • 16 Week Plan… done!
    I’ve made a plan! It’s not very extensive, or full, or complete, but it is there! The colours relate to where I can and can’t run.  Fitting ultra training around a job, holidays, days out at the rugby and life is hard, so I find it useful to mark when I can and can’t run.  […]
  • I’m back (I think)
      With a new found confidence I’m declaring I’m a runner again. My body feels beaten up and I’m sore all over but I reckon I’m back.  Why this sudden confidence I hear you cry? 2 things: I raced last night.  I raced 5 x 5kms.  Yep that’s 5kms, 5 times, in the same night. […]
  • Time on feet
    I read that ultra training is mainly spending time on your feet. And learning to run fatigued. So today I did just that. I’d ran last night, a swift 5km, then had 3 beers at the pub (was working away). My colleague convinced me a 6am run would be good so I naturally agreed and […]
  • Kinda like a sports bra but for my belly
    So here it is. I’m laying it all bare. Before you get too excited it’s pretty “bore off” territory. You’d think that a person who this year has run 2 ultras and an iron distance ish duathlon may not suffer from this. Nay, the guy who ran a 20:07 5Km just last week. But I’ve […]
  • Mobility & Nutrition
    I suck at both of these. Like, really, I’m shit.  I may be able to run over hills and long distances but I am not flexible. My lack of flexibility and core strength is what gives me injuries. I’ve written before how Pilates helped me in the past but time to fit this in is […]
  • Conclusions of a non-summitter
    It’s almost been a week since I didn’t Summit Ben Nevis on the Rat Race City To Summit race and it’s been playing on my mind. I’ve spoken to friends, family and people of Twitter.  I don’t want to sound like the guy whose making excuses but I’m gonna sound like him in this. Bear […]
  • City to Summit – Race Report
    It was 7pm, I was descending the West Highland Way into Glen Nevis, the Ben in front obscured by thick cloud.  In my head I was debating the pros and cons of heading up the Ben. Would I make the cut off? I was behind schedule but I still had 2 and a half hours […]
  • Track Me Live City 2 Summit
    I am currently (or should be) competing in the Ratrace City to summit race from Edinburgh Castle to the Summit of Ben Nevis (and down). To see me on a map view here… I’m raising funds for Hope for Children Donate here if you can  
  • City To Summit – Final thoughts
    I’ve just been to register, rack my bike and hand over my Bike to Run transition bag.  I feel like I’ve just handed over my life’s possessions for someone to take care of.  That empty feeling in the gut, nerves making you not think straight had me wandering about the registration like a lost soul. […]
  • 1 week till City To Summit Race
    Injurated. Pah! That was so last week! The fact I’m writing this whilst wide awake at 3am, after being on an after work drink binge, probably tells you how I’m feeling.  This time last week, my knee was still dodgy and my ankle was meh. Things weren’t looking good. The inflamed knee from riding the […]
  • Injurated 
    Just when everything was going well I only went and injurated. I know this isn’t a word but it is.  I’ve gone and done it twice though. Once, walking across the road my ankle gave up. WALKING!! A twinge going all the way up the side of the leg. I could hardly walk. This was […]
  • Charity Cycle Ride
    Donate I was asked to help organise a Charity Cycle Ride for folk in the office to do to raise money for Hope for Children.  Last weekend 8 of us took part.  The plan was simple. Ride to Berwick upon tweed and back to Edinburgh the next day. 250kms. Some were novice cyclists. Some more […]
  • I’m still 20, right?
    You know that thing that when you’re in your 30s and you still feel like you’re in your early 20s and can’t believe the pace of change in people’s lives? The same is true for my running. I still feel like that fat dude running / walking 5km was yesterday or at the latest a […]
  • I’ve just entered the toughest thing I’ll probably ever do…
    The Cape Wrath Ultra. 400kms, 8 days, Fort William to Cape Wrath. After much deliberation and much thought, I was sat at work with butterflies entering this race.  It’s going to be epic, it’s going to be a long journey and it’s a year away! I can’t wait to go long, and the training should […]
  • Obsessing
    I’ve been following the Cape Wrath Ultra on social media, from the 2016 race to the chatter it got.  Ourea events have been ramping up the chatter even more with the film of the event, cleverly released in enough time to get some traction and interest in the race for 2018.  It certainly has my […]
  • Post ultra feet
    I have to say that I was amazed to get zero blisters whilst running Glasgow to Edinburgh. I put it down to merino wool socks and hard feet. I was even more amazed that my toenails stayed in tact too. I’ve always lost two or three after an ultra. And this was my longest by […]
  • An ode to the trail
    Last night I cycled home from work and decided to run around my local nature reserve which has some awesome trails and is perched on the top of a hill with tons of variety. After not being there for a while and spending a lot of running time off trail and on road I kinda […]
  • I’ve ran from Glasgow to Edinburgh!
    This title was the only reason I ran this race. I have to admit that the canal towpath, as lovely as car-free places are, did not fill me with much excitement* ahead of the run. However, Point-To-Point races, a race between two major cities, a race from one place to home, a race that is […]
  • Ultra Maranoia
    I first heard the term Maranoia a few years back when it comes to the London Marathon time of year a lot of people talk about it. I’ve never done that marathon but somehow my Twitter fills up with it at this time of year.  I’ve felt it too, and I’m feeling it too but […]
  • 2 weeks
    I’m setting out in 2 weeks time to run 56 miles. That’s 90km. That’s a long way. I’ve been starting to visualise the run. Walk through it mentally, figure out what and how I’ll be feeling in order to prepare myself.  This challenge will be more mental than physical. I will hurt. I will be […]
  • The run after the race…
    Yesterday I wrote how I raced before I ran my long Saturday run, and here is that run’s low down. Ultra running can be a lonely sport, miles and miles put in, often solitary plodding on in your own little world.  So when planning this run, I was glad to have had a hundred or […]
  • To race or not to race?
    I was nervous starting race 6 of Foxtrail’s winter series. Nervous not about the race but about the pace I’d inevitably run it in. Back when I entered this I had planned to run it, then the next day get my long run in. Planning ultra training is hard. But as usual plans change and […]
  • How do you train for a 56mile run?
    Putting in the miles has been the context of the past few weeks. My long weekend runs have consisted of at least 3 hours on foot running at a reasonable pace. My legs have been tired at the end of these and I’ve been slightly concerned that these have only really been a third of […]
  • Glasgow to Edinburgh Ultra Training
    It’s not going well, I mean, I’ve been running and running a lot but 56miles is quite far and after just 22miles today, my legs were ready to drop off. Having said that, my pace was quick*, average 10min/mile and I went over the Pentlands which is a far different terrain than canal tow path. […]
  • Adventures can’t be too small 
    When people say “adventure” it brings up connotations of super long journeys over unexplored lands, mountains and oceans but more and more people are challenging that thought. There’s a movement of micro adventures like those Alistair humphrys advocates and I’m completely on that band waggon. That’s not taking anything away from those who do those […]
  • Enjoying having a plan
    Ive been withering for so long without a plan or an idea that actually I’d lost focus. Don’t get me wrong, I like running without a plan, feeling my way around the trails and being spontaneous. This, is not conducive to acheiveing goals though.  I’ve signed up for two events. City to City: Edinburgh to […]
  • Wow, what a year 2016 was
    Wow, what a year 2016 was.  With all the real life things that were going on, my running and adventures seemed to be overwhelmingly successful. Looking back is natural at this time of year and maybe I’m a little late but as I’m planning for the future I want to see what I did well, […]
  • Run Commute done for 2016
    My festive streak has given me a great opportunity to run to work everyday. The journey is 6km and takes about 30 mins which isn’t bad. Though throughout December it is hard to catch any true daylight. Tho my working time this year has completed my festive streak has not! I’ve had many opportunities to […]
  • Day 18 of #festiveStreak will hurt
    I’m tired. Its only 2pm and I’m considering a nap. It’s been a long day so far, 6am alarm and a 16km race in the bag making it 17days of December running. Day 18 is tomorrow and my legs are already not looking forward to it.  I can’t tell you how amazing the race was […]
  • The dark wood reflection 
    The clouds hang low over the city, illuminated by the lights creating a monochrome view. The vast darkness spreads out where nature is king and wild things roam, making noises as I disturb them. Running in this environment helps me learn, think, and reflect on the day. My own planet earth II in my back […]
  • #FestiveRunStreak
    I’m not sure what has possessed me but I’m running every day in the month of December.  I think this has partly come about due to work being mental, and the need for me to destress on a run has encouraged me to do this.  I also need to get back into running and thought […]
  • An unexpected run
    Those days you wake up and you’re not feeling 100%, and you find any excuse not to run. Sunday was one of those days. I’d not slept the best and a mild sore throat lingered.  I needed to get a long run in, and one on the trails too which meant heading to the Pentland […]
  • Pushing my pace
    I consider myself a long distance runner, though in the past few weeks, I’ve done very little suffering from that post race binge. My technique these days resorts to the ultra way of doing things such as walking up a hill, which you can get away with if you’re on a 50+km run. Not so […]
  • Running with Jenny
    Last week I went for a run with Jenny Tough who is setting out to run across Krygystan, solo. Some 1000kms of mountainous running.  Check out the video…  
  • Post Race Binge
    Does anyone else do this? Fall off the waggon after completing the year’s main event for them?  I’m 3 weeks in post SwimRun and I’ve been lazy. I’ve almost stopped my training, 1-2 runs per week since, nothing in the first week. I haven’t swam and I’ve eaten a mountain of junk since.  Quite ironic […]