Last day limbo

It happens every time on our holidays that waiting around for your holiday to be officially over. Picture the scene, you’ve spent ten days in a wonderful resort town, surrounded by mountains, snowboarded them, took a gondola up them, photographed them countless times and even stayed up in them. You then get to your last day after seeing all that there is to see and you have to wait til late afternoon before your journey home starts.

You’ve been kicked out your hotel room and bags are in storage. That limbo of not knowing what to do is ever present in this holiday as it was when travelling Australia, staying in Rhodes or even on a weekend retreat up in the highlands.

Here we have found ourselves taking it very easy today, slept in, packed slowly, had late breakfast and checked out as late as possible. Now we’re cruising coffee shops and stealing free wifi for as much as the staff will allow us to. Just whiling away the hours before the bus picks us up to start the long long long journey home.

I think I’ve been on Facebook and twitter too much today already and read the news on various sites and apps and played snappers as well. Boredom is one word but really we’re on holiday so should be enjoying this relaxed time. Instead it feels like a drag and in reality cant wait to leave which is too bad as this place is awesome and part of me doesn’t want to leave.

Oh well. Now writing this blog is going to end and will need to find something else to do until that bus arrives.

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