Day before the tri

I’ve had a good week of training (bad week otherwise) and managed to get swimming twice with about 3000m total, my technique has improved a lot. I also managed to get out on the road bike and did a few laps of a 7km route which meant I got a good attempt at a 20km cycle. My running has dissipated though to only being able to do two runs this week and they weren’t good runs either, actually the second one was OK but the first was a measly 4km.

All in all, I guess you can call it a taper of sorts as I haven’t done anything yesterday and I’m not doing anything today either.

I have woken up with achy legs and what feels like doms in my shoulders and arms which is strange! I’ve also been dreaming of the transitions, mainly between swim and bike. What to put on first, what to put on second. What will it be like putting socks on wet feet, what will it be like running out of the pool and straight outside into 5C and the threat of rain! 😦

Yes the weather isn’t going to be the warmest so I have had to change the plan slightly. I will put on a jacket and also gloves for the cycle, I had planned on just wearing a tri suit.

Today I think I’ll go over the transition and do some light stretching to get rid of these weird DOMS!

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