Not yet recovered – will I ever be?

I’m sat here on a plane flying up from London after a business meeting feeling very melancholy as I usually do on planes. Something about actually having time to think and stop without the distraction of technology let’s me have these moments. Tho ironic I choose to write them down on my new iPhone though being in airplane mode prevents me from looking at things on the inter-web!

Enough about setting the scene and getting on with the post. My knee injury has seemed to present itself again. The specific one being the right patella causing me issues. Now I’d thought I’d damaged it this time by smacking the knee off a table leg hidden from view by a beautiful but some what dangerous table cloth at my mates wedding. This accompanied by doses of alcohol meant the pain was severe but I carried on dancing the night away.

Cue a weekend of a 90km ride and 17km run. This in itself waa amazing though I really did struggle. The right knee complained a bit while out running and then Sunday came and the bike ride and again I was hearing complaints. Resting Monday and Tuesday helped but back on it on Wednesday whilst hill repping on the bike the issue presented itself again. A small niggle / soreness on the left side of the patella.

What had caused this? Surely not just banging the knee. Maybe it was maybe it wasn’t. Who knows but now I need to be careful. 6 weeks out from Aberfeldy and I really don’t need this stress or lack of training. I’m in my peak phase- that’s if my training had phases at all mind you. Really I’ve had a hap hazard approach tho steadily increasing week on week with impromptu step back weeks where I’d been busy and couldn’t get out.

I’m feeling good though. Fit in myself and still in my boost phase from the Slateman- that was my spontaneous race – my B race was Newcastle which alas has been canceled / relocated outside of Newcastle due to idiotic and frustrating reasons so I’m not taking part yet my A race remains and is my total focus now

Resting is key and I’m going to have to be careful not to aggravate the injury more. I’ve learned a lot in my injury time so hopefully I can put this one to bed soon!

So to answer the title I’m not fully recovered as the injury has come back so I may need to keep this blog as a road to recovery just now 😦

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