Where should I run?

This is always a question I think when I wake up and I know I’ve a run to do.  Sometimes I’ve thought in advance so the mind has been made up, other times I haven’t and it will all depend on the weather, how I feel and the distance I need to cover or the time I’ve available to me.

More often than not I’ll lie in bed, after waking up, thinking of places where I can run. Routes turning over in my head, pondering the pros and cons of each.

The weather is an important factor, you don’t want to be in a place that is going to be affected by the weather, i.e. if it is snowing a blizzard, running on top of an exposed hill ain’t the best place, or if the wind is coming from the East, make sure you’re not running home into it, and plan so that the wind helps as you tire.

This morning was one of those days.  I knew I needed to run but I didn’t know where.  My motivation levels were low so I knew where I was to go had to motivate me to get there.  I could have driven to the Pentlands but the melted snow and Ice would have been a bit rubbish, the wind was a gusty 25mph forecast with light showers turning heavier.  I needed to find a sheltered spot, so I thought I could run around the reservoirs or down the old railway that sits in the valley.

I didn’t feel all that energetic, I had been out two nights and had been drinking for 12hrs straight two nights ago, yesterday my nutrition was awful so I knew I was probably going to find this a struggle. Never underestimate a body that is starved of nutrients and dehydrated.

My mind was made up, I’d just go a short run, maybe 8-10kms at best.

Then the wind started howling outside, it was coming from the West so i thought I should try to find shelter in the trees, Corstorphine Hill has paths on the East side which would provide that shelter.

The ice had melted at this level so I opted for road shoes, even though the hill is muddy, there is 2km of road in between my house and there.

This choice suited me as I knew at any point when I had had enough, I wasn’t far from home.  Plus I love the hill, it’s a nice incline to get there, with undulations when you’re there, always making me change the pace to keep the heart rate steady.  The views over to Edinburgh are awesome and it is where my favourite viewpoint is located. I posted pics of it so many times, but it never gets old.

So that was it, Corstorphine Hill, my go to place for a trail adventure close to home.

It was a tough run, but glad I was out there at some point.

This for me is another reason why I run, unexpected, unplanned, and unreal exercises that add that bit of adventure and fun into the day.

I even wore my new Christmas Running Top to spread some festive Joy! 😀


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