Eaten too much – the litmus test

Ever since losing the weight, I’ve lived in a slight dread that I’ll get back to my former self.  My lust for food is ever present, especially around Christmas time, and with the absence of any training plan I tend to go off course.  This occurs every winter, and I guess it could be the natural response to the world getting cold and our need to put on winter weight – you know, so we don’t die.  This Neanderthal way of thinking might be true but it also has a detrimental effect on my running.

The weight, usually carried around my mid-drift grows ever larger, and ever heavier! So much that it begins to hurt.

The feeling is like carrying a bean bag sown on my torso, and instead of soft beans, there’s heavy water filled balls and on every foot strike, come crashing down from mid air suspension and slam on the bottom, forcing my abs to tense and the skin to strain.  I swear if I ran enough, it would just come loose.

I know when i get to this point I need to lose weight.  It’s a fantastic litmus test to remind me that the excesses need to stop and the hard work needs to start.  This is incentive enough to make me think about that extra sausage roll, pie, chocolate, or extra portion of dinner.

So with all that said and done, I’m off for a slice of corned beef pie – come on, I went for a run before!!



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