Where has the running gone…

Where has all the running gone

I often blog when I’m injured. Call it a release of sorts. I picked up a dodgy foot/ ankle in a race at the end of August but this was probably just where it eventually gave way, I’d been carrying something for a long time.

I’m slowly getting back to running and it feels good. I miss the epic runs I used to do, spending long hours running around hills and getting from A-B on foot. I know I need to take it easy but lately I’ve been longing for that sense of achievement and flighting the elements. A couple of short runs in the hills in weather has helped me get a taste of this and I want more.

I can’t wait to regain full fitness, feel the burn on my chest and heart. Feel the legs tire but push through. I want to see landscapes, high places and nature. I want to say I ran from here to there in a day and to feel like it was an epic.

I’m back running but I’m just going up to 10k for the long run and maybe 2 5km during the week. The foot reminds me I’m not 100% fit but usually not until the morning after. But it is getting better.

I need to continue to remember to do the physio exercises and remember to do them properly!

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