Off the wagon

Not going to lie to you. I thought I was superman or someone similar. I had super human strength to keep running, keep eating, keep drinking and that would be OK! WRONG!

It all started fine. December was a normal month with normalish running, though looking back I ran pretty much every day bar a couple until 11th December. On the 11th I noticed that I’d not ran a long run in a while, staying to 5-8km runs. This was mainly due to me running on my lunch at work, taking in Arthurs Seat/ Holyrood Park in the daylight rather than running in the night. I also had cycled to work most of those days too which was double the exercise.

So on the 11th I went out not meaning to do 21kms but did. This isn’t unusual to a guy who did a couple of marathons a few months back. Unsure what got over me that day but I decided to run along the coast to South Queensferry and back. It felt good although tougher than I was expecting. I attributed this to silly season – the season where drinking and eating become the main hobby and everything else falls by the wayside. I didn’t run for week after this, drinking, working, shopping (Christmas) got in the way. Over the next few days I wouldn’t run much distance but I would take in a lot of climb on Arthurs Seat which felt OK.

Then Christmas happened.

Christmas Eve I was too tired to run, after being on the drink the night before. On Christmas day I had planned to run but I didn’t due to drinking on Christmas Eve and not having much time. I then ate a lot on Christmas Day and drank relatively little. So Boxing day it was. I went for a run. It was bad.

Since losing weight I was doing well at keeping the weight off. I was conscious of what I ate, when I should be good, when I could be bad. But recently, I’ve been blasé about it all and been eating terribly and drinking lots. I thought this was OK because I was running. It was OK until silly season stopped me from running and silly season is the season where over-indulgence takes over. I wasn’t running as much but I was eating more.

This was bad, thought I could not see it. I saw it on the boxing day run though.

I set out, knowing I hadn’t slept well at all and knowing I had drank the evening before. This was bad energy from the start. As I started running I noticed I was bouncing. No not my legs but my belly. My belly was actually going up and down with every step. This was just like a few years back when I first started running.

I have clearly let myself go and had clearly got myself a bit of podge going on. Now I will say this, I probably have only put on 2.2lbs (1kg) and in reality this isn’t a whole lot (although my partner is being incredibly supportive and telling me that 1kg is nothing!). But there was more, my energy was low even though I hadn’t exercised in a few days which would have aided in my recovery. I didn’t feel right. It wasn’t really a pleasure to be running though I did find some in that fact I was running on new territory. It was tough, I battled through the 10.66kms. It was windy but that really isn’t an excuse. I was unfit – or lacking in eating the right things to keep my energy and body functions working at their best.

So maybe off the wagon is a bit overstated. Temporarily jumped off and is gonna get back on it.

I can’t blame this solely on Christmas however, as there is something else, something lacking. Not motivation, but a lack of a focus or a goal. Since completing my two marathons in one month challenge I am yet to enter another race or write down another goal. I have no focus. So maybe this is why it has been difficult to keep going through the drink and cheer.

One thing is though, I know what I need to do to get back on track. I’ve recognised the signs early and am acting upon it. Starting tomorrow I’m on a ‘diet’ and a new training regime that will hopefully focus myself.

Wish me luck… now I’m off to write some goals!

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