The runners high

I was down in London for another weightwatchers advert and had planned to get in two runs while I was there. I’d packed more running stuff than clothes! This is not unusual for me though.

The only difficulty was that I had no idea what my schedule was going to be like over the weekend and didn’t know if I would find the time. As a runner I’m always thinking of when I’ll get my run in and even if it’s just a small one and if I had to get up early then I’d do it. Nothing would stop me busting out a few Kms.

I arrived at the hotel after a long day at work and a flight down at 10:30. I was very tired. I needed sleep. I met the lady and she gave me my room key and said my call was at 6:30am for to be at a recording studio at 7. Nightmare. The only redeeming factor was that my next role call was at 1:40 where I needed to go on set for wardrobe. So there it was the opportune moment arose. Between the recording and wardrobe I’d have plenty of time.

So the time came and I got changed. I was feeling good if a little tired and dehydrated. I set out. I had no idea of what was to come.

I’d planned in my head that as I was in London and right on Hyde Park I’d do the full circumference of it. I started running anticlockwise from Marble Arch.

The wind was light. The air was cold and crisp. There was the fresh smell of autumn rot from the already fallen leaves starting to cover the pavements and grass like a carpet. Just being in Hyde Park felt special. Before long I realised I was feeling great. No niggles. No tiredness. Just running at ease. Effortlessly gliding over the earth. Each stride seems to take to energy and be so simple to achieve.

Non runners won’t understand this feeling. It’s elation and joy. It’s a feeling of being so alive you can seem to do anything. It’s the runners high.

It’s rare. It’s us unpredictable. You can’t make it happen. You cant recreate it. It comes upon you in the strangest of places.

I was experiencing the runners high and it was good.

Maybe it was the setting, maybe it was just the time and the place. Maybe it’s because autumn is my favourite season tho Spring is very close. All I knew then was that I didn’t want it to end.

Thoughtlessly I’d already hatched a plan and did a route in my head. I was going further than Hyde Park. So I ran down Hyde Park Corner to Buckingham Palace. Stopped and took a pic. Continued through St James’s Park with its pelicans and views over the lake. I turned into Whitehall and past the secret view to Downing Street. Then onto Big Ben. Another pic and off down the embankment through the MOD to the front of Downing St. Then onto horse guards. Up the iconic Mall complete with British Flags lining the way to the Palace. I continued still feeling fresh and elated to be on a high. I ran through Green Park and then up Park Lane back to the hotel.

What an epic 10miles. Totally unexpected but great to see London again. I’m a sucker for London. The grandeur of it all. Maybe that was it.

I won’t forget that in a hurry. Or the advert shoot I filmed after.

My mantra for the weekend was. Without Weightwatchers I wouldn’t have lost the weight so fast, and without it i wouldn’t have been so inclined to run. Losing the weight helped me run more. And running more helped me lose the weight. Win win.

And of course without running I wouldn’t have been able to experience the runners high.

Go on. You know you want to run 🙂





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