Morning run in the pentlands

Haven’t done much running in the pentlands since summer so I thought it was high time I did. I was going to go on Saturday but the weather was vile – normally this wouldn’t stop me but the next day promised no clouds.

Had a sensible Saturday night and early to bed so I could be early for the run. I was hoping to get to the pentlands as the sun was just coming up. I managed 8:50 which isn’t too bad. Starting at Threpmuir it was a Chilly start and still in the shade as the sun was low behind the hills.

I set off with the idea of running the pentland skyline to bonaly then turning back long the valley rather than doing black hill. It started well, tho the first few km are uphill gaining height fast.


I continued up toward West Kip which was blocking the sun still. It was breezy but manageable. Soggy underfoot meant my feet had soaked through. Up and up we go till I reached the foot of the kip. It’s a steep climb to the top. Now more exposed the wind had picked up and was blowing me up the hill.


The sun was on my right cheek warming it slightly. The wind was on my left cooling it incredibly. My new buff was coming in handy.

On top of East Kip the views were excellent though with the wind so strong it was hard to take them in. Stepping just 2 metres down was like walking inside. The wind was being blocked and the warm sun could do it’s work.


Running to Carnethy hill and back meant running into the wind. It was fierce. I couldn’t catch my breath so made the decision to drop into the valley and head back. Cutting the run short was the right choice in that wind. Running in the valley was great. The sun had yet to enter and there was some snow left over. I didn’t meet anyone on the tips but there were signs of life down here.

A great 12km in the morning set me up for a good day.


One response to “Morning run in the pentlands

  1. Wow… that looks breathtaking! I’d run that just for the view. What a great way to start your day!

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