Out of sorts

Have you ever just been ‘not right’? Well this is how I’ve been for the last week and a bit. I’ve been told that I should go to the docs but I’m not sure that saying that you’re just ‘not right’ is very helpful to a doc. 

My hypochondriac in my says I have legionnaires disease but then I quickly laugh that off as I’m no way hospitalised and my only symptom is that I am feeling malaise which apparently means ‘out of sorts’. (I’ll qualify this diagnosis by saying I live in the area of Edinburgh that was recently the centre of a legionnaires outbreak).

I did try to go to the doctors but as per usual no appointments that day and I’d have to call back the next and of course I haven’t and so just carrying on hoping to get over what ever it is in my own time. 

But in the mean time I’m not able to train. This is doubly bad when I have so much free time to train as well.  It is starting to get me down this not running and not exercising.  (I need to stop referring to the only exercise I do as running but I keep forgetting).  

I’m due to run the 7hills of Edinburgh this weekend. It’s a 15 mile race up and down the 7 hills that Edinburgh sits on.  I did it last year and is still my favourite race I’ve done, and this year my mate is running it too which is a massive feat for him as he hasn’t ran that distance but he’s slightly determined (mental) in that he’ll do anything he puts his mind to.  

Slightly off topic there but back to being out of sorts I think I may struggle to do this race feeling the way I do.  I’m hoping that the morning adrenaline and the fact that I’m usually feeling OK in the mornings that will keep me in good stead and allow me to finish the race.  Maybe not in a good time like last year but just to finish will be good. 

My family and partner are questioning whether I should do the race but they’re not like me in that they don’t have this exercise bug that I do and so don’t really appreciate how it is to be a runner (person who exercises). 

So anyway I will be running unless I can’t get out of bed and I will give it my best shot! 

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