29 themed day

It’s my birthday and I’m nudging that 30 mark by turning 29 today.  I feel like i’ve got a lot to do before I’m 30, I’m not sure why I feel like this.  Maybe it’s the social pressures of turning 30, or maybe it’s a milestone that for someone who exercises is the start of the decline (or so they say).

Maybe I want to push myself for my 30th year but for now, today, I’ve pushed myself with a 29 theme.

I didn’t wake up with this all planned, it basically came to me when I was having my coffee that I should do something as I had no plans.

So I set about looking for a 29mile cycle route and it just so happened that this route passed the commonwealth pool so I thought, I know why don’t I do 29 lengths of the 50m pool.  So that is what I had planned and that is what I set out to do.

The weather wasn’t exactly summerlike, drizzle for most of the way to the pool.  I was on my road bike and navigating the roads, puddles with unexpected pot holes underneath wasn’t exactly easy.  I arrived at the pool, and took to the water.  Incidentally it was the first time in three weeks that I had swum as I had been injured / ill.  The 29 lengths took about 37 mins which was pretty good I felt for the first time back and I took many breaks.

Jumping back on the bike to do the rest of the 29miles the rain had stopped which was nice. This was to be a bit of a hilly section and my legs felt quite tired from the swim. Nothing really of interest happened on this section except for getting very tired on the hill section!

Near to arriving home I looked at my odometer and realised I’d just done 29miles so I decided to stop, and walk as I was fairly tired.

Bike away and it was time for the the run! Very tired, my first km took 5:37min! It was a tough run, my body was a bit achey, my core was very sore, probably from the hill run I did yesterday.

So I came into 29mins almost at my back door, I timed it well and had covered 5.67km or so.




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