What am I thinking?

This is one of those rhetorical questions whereby I don’t require an answer but it draws you into the subject I’m about to divulge.

The title of the blog, runspudrun is now incorrect.  I consider myself a triathlete.  I do use the term athlete loosely but Triathloner sounds grammatically incorrect and probably isn’t in the dictionary so I am forced to use Triathlete.

I’m sure I’ve said before that I fell into this sport accidentally.  Accidentally or pushed? In a court of law this would be debated for hours and the verdict at the end given over to a panel of jury men and women who would look at the evidence and come up with some valid reason one way or the other.

I was running a lot at the start of the year, and I was also cycling to work but running was my main hobby.  The one discipline that I considered good at for my age and previous running experience.  I only chose to cycle in because it was cheap and faster than getting the bus.

One day, out running at lunch I was speaking to a fellow runner who also happened to do triathlons and he said I should try a tri.  I laughed it off with the typical “I can’t swim (very well)” comment.  But it was in that moment that a seed was sown.  As usual, seeds often come from nowhere and plant themselves into the brain and eventually at some point decide to sprout and grow.  This one took several more weeks, maybe months of convincing from Alan, the triathlete. I eventually took the dive into a local pool and swam a few lengths.  It seemed to go ok, I didn’t drown and I remembered how to swim.  I then took the decision to go along to the swim night at Alan’s tri club.  This was an eye opener.  Watching them do a drill set and how fast they were going, the intensity at which they swam and also how proficient they looked.  Kindly, Rob took me into an unused lane and gave me some pointers.  Useful technique fixing pointers and I took this away.  I enjoyed the night and went back several times, each time improving and managing to complete a set with them.

I bought lessons, I continued to run my usual training sessions and I continued to cycle in, opting sometimes to cycle the long way home.

Before I knew it, I was joining the club.  I enjoyed the banter and the chat of all things running, cycling and swimming.  I decided that I needed a road bike.  I threw myself at an opportunity to get one second hand and then I managed to go on a 35 mile ride.  This was tough.  But I did it.

I’d entered my first race in May, and did this without too much bother.  Thankfully my running fitness held me in good stead for the effort required to do sport for an hour.

Since that race, I’ve gotten better, I ride more often, I run less but that is countered by the need for other training sessions.

Then over the past two months I’ve been riddled with an injury, my IT band has given way and is causing me jip.  Not one to rest I raced a few more times and even completed a standard duathlon.

But that pushed me over the edge and rest it has been for the past few weeks.  I need to sort out my leg otherwise this hobby of mine will be dead.  I’ve even taken the decision not to race a marathon in a months time.  Not only have I not trained for it, I won’t be ready for it if my leg isn’t better.

This brings me onto the ‘what am I thinking part’.  So sitting here injured and unable to run 3kms without poor knee from hurting, a seed which was planted some time ago started to sprout.  This seed was to do the next endurance event.  The next step, or leap had to be done.  I need a challenge, I need something to work towards.  I need focus.  I’ve entered an Ironman event.

4th August 2013. I will head out, all being well, to complete the UK Ironman Bolton. I must be mad, but I do have some support and some fellow competitors.  Alan, the guy who accidentally pushed me into the triathlon business and Tina, the mother president of GRC Tri Club have entered.

I just can’t wait to get started…

2 responses to “What am I thinking?

  1. Mother!! Puuurleease! I am just the mum not the mother (there is a difference honest!). And if you are thinking ‘what am I thinking’ what on earth do you think I am thinking! Wibble!

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