Disappointment and frustration were both felt last night as I set off for the test run to see if the physiotherapy has been successful in rehabilitation of my IT Band injury.  It has not, yet.  

I was upset at the realization that I’m going to have my first DNS in a race but that I am going to miss the rest of the 2012 season which was to culminate in my biggest challenge yet, running an ultra marathon. 

I fear and probably know that this is out of reach and that I now need to focus on getting better sooner.

I’m writing this just a week after entering Ironman UK. With about 18 weeks til I need to start my training in earnest I really do need to focus on getting my leg fixed so that I can run more than the 0.5km I can right now without getting pain.

Reading Don Fink’s book ‘Be Iron Fit’ he has a nice article on set backs.  It re-asserted to me that although incredibly frustrating right now that the goals I’d committed to cannot be met, that future goals can still be met and short term goals can now be changed to help aid the rehabilitation process.

The trouble I have, and potentially the physio has is the nature of the injury.  Although pointing quite obviously to an IT Band stress injury there are now other niggles, aches, pains that I’m feeling as a consequence of the treatment that it could be a mine field of issues that is causing the pain.  Subsequently the pain I felt last night was a different pain than what I’d felt when I first got the knee trouble.  Due to the pain felt by the calf/shin muscle it could be hiding the pain felt by the ITBand friction.  Needless to say the physio appointment I have tonight will be tough in terms of pin pointing the issue and also wondering why the treatment hasn’t been successful. 

SO re-assessment of my short term goals will have to do. 

I’ve decided to concentrate on swimming and potentially cycling (I’m unsure whether the cycling is affecting my injury recovery). 

I know I can swim OK but I feel I need to be stronger in the upper body and also gain a stronger core.  So I will focus on these over the next few weeks whilst I’m out of action in the running discipline. 

Who knows, this may be my ‘Iron man’ competition next year!

Stolen from someone else. not sure who!

Stolen from someone else. not sure who!


One response to “Re-assessment

  1. I am sure we will all have set backs of one kind or another between now and next August. If we are strong enough to get through them it will make us stronger to get to the end and achieve our goal.

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