That small swimming tweak

That little tweak made the difference for me.

Tweaking the swimming technique we’re all told will make loads of difference.

In my case it was a pain in the shoulder that prompted me to change my technique. I knew I must have been doing something wrong as any time I swam more than 1000m I would get this pain inside my shoulder.

I had thought it may have been due to me increasing the distance i swam by too much week on week. But then when I rested it would one back.

It was during my coaching course for triathlon that I had the first inkling that it may have been my technique.

I was told crossing over when entering the water and also not having the right angle could cause impingement of the shoulder. Now I don’t know for certain that correcting this has helped but I realised that after working on the angle of entry, the catch and concentration on the position of my entry I haven’t experienced the pain since. This is with swimming 2600m.

Now having said that, I’ve been told I do still cross over and having no one source of information I don’t know if I’m crossing over the same or less. But I do feel I’m less crossed over. Concentrating in particular to make sure my middle finger and shoulder are aligned throughout the catch.

It does go to show that having your technique critiqued can only be a good thing.

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