No I’m not pregnant, I’m not even a woman. If, like me, you have only heard of ultrasound when looking at babies in the womb then the following account may seem strange as I talk about ultrasound when I’m a bloke!

So after being told the knee is OK in terms of structure and there were no signs of inflammation except for increased vasculatity (blood flow) then I was left feeling perplexed and lost in terms of what to do about this damn injury

Rest is key, but complete rest is not reasonable for someone who has to walk to work. Going into a wheelchair is quite extreme. Though may be interesting.

Anyway, so I ended up going back to my Physio and the only thing that we haven’t tried, except for maybe amputation, is ultrasound.

Basically in layman’s terms it will induce inflammation to promote healing. This with the strong anti inflammatories will together try to fix what ever is causing the pain. Or so that’s the theory. This was the theory with the acupuncture that seemed fruitless.

So here I am, getting ultrasound on my knee and all things attached.

Maybe this will fix me, maybe this won’t. But I might as well try!

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