Still injured? Hmmm?

If you’re familiar with the blog I do then you know that I’ve been injured.  Quick synopsis… ITB injury in June, ran throughout Summer and injury worsened.  Rest (kinda) since September, no races or runs more than 2km.  Extensive physio, MRI Scans, Kinesio tape, acupuncture, ultrasound and Rest,  ITB injury seemed to have gone away but has left some side affect injury that displays itself while sitting, walking and sleeping.  

I’ve tried everything apart from complete immobility of my left leg which would be extreme.  

Still pain and weakness seem to manifest in the left leg.  4 months on and after running for the bus, a distance of 100m, a stiffness appeared in my ITBand.  Is this the original injury coming back? 

The problem is, the original injury, the ITBS, is only made apparent when I run.  I need to rest from running to let it heal.  How do I know when I am healed? Everytime I run and the injury returns it resets the rest clock back to 0 each time elongating my rest time required. 

Is it finally time to just run through pain, train, and it becomes a case of managing the pain? 

Who knows, really no one knows, but I decided after a pep talk with Tina, a fellow Ironman dreamer and triathlete enthusiast, I decided to go for a cycle. 

Not only a cycle but a ride on my new bike that had been sitting waiting to be test ridden for a month since buying it. 

So there I was, finally putting on my clothing for a cycle ride.  This proved rather difficult as usually I am in gear everyday but since the injury I’ve had a fully washed set of sports gear and the drawer is rammed full whereas usually half would be in the wash basket! So after finding said gear I was ready and boy was it good to be getting out. 

I only went 10km but it was a good 10km. The feel of the new bike was good, but the feeling of getting my heart rate up and getting my sweat on was better.  The buzz I felt after that short ride is still with me the next morning. It was good to be out there again. 

And the injury, well I knew my left leg felt weaker, I was getting more feedback from it and yes there were twinges but I kept spinning so as not to wear it out. Afterwards I could feel a bit of increased discomfort, this is probably in part due with doing exercise but also from the injury. 

Next steps, keep the rides short and keep them spinning. I’ll look at increasing the distance if the pain and leg appear ok.

One response to “Still injured? Hmmm?

  1. Small steps – greater gains hopefully. Don’t forget that core and strength work (build those abs!)

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