A few lessons in cycling

They always say life is a learning process. (Not sure who they are) but I’ve found training to be just that. Especially when it comes to cycling. Last Sunday I had many lessons that I learnt the wrong way.

It was snowy and I wanted to go out for a ride. Lesson 1 here is check weather forecast for best day to do outdoor training. Turns out Saturday, swim training was a beauty of a day with no snow. Oh well.

Off we (Tina : Ironmum : Trimummy) go on our cycle. Although one hurdle to get over was the ice and snow on her estate, we decided to drive to the main road where they were clear of ice.

So all saddled up we push off and I can’t get clipped in. Turns out the snow I walked in decided to get compacted to ice so the cleats wouldn’t fit. Lesson 2 don’t walk in snow in cleats.

Lesson 3 I found out half way through, my erm, undercarriage (mans bits) wasn’t too comfy. This is also lesson 4. Don’t wear new tights without undergarments on and don’t go cycling without some sort of lubricant applied tactfully.

So we were off on our snowy adventure, toddling along quite nicely after I got over the uncomfortable feeling. Lesson 5 here is dont ride a new bike without getting it properly fitted. My seat was too high and this was causing knee discomfort.

Tina, on the other hand didny complain once and even wanted to loop back around. I may have been tempted but the injury (you know, that dodgy left knee I keep complaining about) was starting to complain.

Anyhoo a good 25km done in an hour so quite happy about that.

Lesson 6 is don’t forget new bikes don’t have bottle holders so you need to fit one before you go and ride. Oh well I was parched but happy to have been cycling!

At long last I am getting into training!!

Down side is whatever is happening the leg ain’t getting better. 😦

One response to “A few lessons in cycling

  1. It was a fab cycle despite the elements and your ‘discomforts’ I think! The thing to consider about your leg is ‘is it getting any worse’ or was it any worse for the bike ride? If not then that might actually be progress?

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