Training week 4 – Ironman

I’ve been running for a couple of weeks now and where I can’t say I’m better I’m certainly doing ok and it’s not getting any worse. Meanwhile swimming has been coming in leaps and bounds. I really feel comfortable in the water these days and my pace and endurance is getting better which is great news. My first 3000m non stop swim came in just under an hour which is excellent. Means I’m looking at 1:15 ish swim in the IRonman.

Cycling though is a bug bear of mine. I love my cycle commutes, they’re on my hybrid bike and its a great way to commute, better than this bus I’m currently on! But my long ones aren’t going well at all. I just don’t feel good during them, I feel uncomfortable on the new bike at points. My £35 bike fit I had with the Tri Centre (that only raised my seat 3cm I hasten to add) didn’t really help. I felt I had a stronger pedal but was causing more pressure on my injured IT band.

I’m not sure what the cure is but I’m going to battle through- I have to. I’ve got a 68mile Kinross cycle to do and the 80mile Etape Caledonia too.

Time to raise my cycling game.

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