Loop Di Loop & Canine Trouble (No 1452)

A blog from my IM bud Tina

IM UK (Iron Mum) 2013

June  Stats

Swim – 30.1m (18.7 miles)

Cycle – 572.6km (355.8 miles)

Run – 168.9km (104.9 miles)

Time spent training = 51.2 hrs

Overall Stats

Swim – 178km (110.6 miles)

Cycle – 2607km (1620 miles)

Run – 886km (550.5 miles)

Weight – 55.9kg

So another two weeks has come and gone.  I am knackered!  There is no other word for it.  My life is completely dominated by training now.  Especially at weekends where the bike rides are just getting longer and longer.

I have been getting some good open water swim practices in on a Wednesday at Lochore increasing the distance each week and getting more comfortable and confident.  Last week all three of us IMiT managed to get there and all put in a good solid session.  I managed to do 8 laps of the buoyed course and 3.5km.  The actual swim course is 3.8km so I am fairly…

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