Long ride day

Planning is key – knowing your limits is also key.

Today was going to be a true test of my renewed energy toward making Ironman UK. My first long ride after that fluke of a 100km ride the other week.

I’d planned a route with help from Tina to take in almost 120km from my house where all three of us could rendezvous and enjoy a ride together. The loop took in Linlithgow, Torphican, a hill then back to Winchburgh where we redezvoused at the start. We did this three times to make it like the IRonman course.

The weather was ok, only two real rainy bits with heavy showers that did require a waterproof.

I felt good on the first loop, enjoying riding with Alan and blathering away making the task of cycling less of a focus.

Focus was on the right food for the ride. I had two iced hot cross buns, a cliff bar, a chocolate energy bar, oatcakes and two 750ml bottles of Zero drink. One with caffeine and one with carbs.

My plan was every half hour or so to eat. I’d eaten a massive bowl of cereal before I left the house. This wasn’t enough. I needed a cliff bar at the top of the hill after Torphican. This was probably too soon.

Planning the food is also necessary as I’d not really planned to eat whilst riding but we did so trying to get an iced bun out of my top that was wrapped in a bag and cellophane wrapping. I required Tina’s help on this! I’m rubbish at cycling and trying to do something else other than cycle is an effort!

Iced bun worked a trick I felt good ready to tackle the hill again. I kept a steady intake of juice which meant: in my new favourite phrase: I required a gentleman’s comfort break!

This proved easier than I expected as I was wearing a full trisuit. No by the road stripping required thankfully.

By the third loop, my singing had died down, I was beginning to get less talkative and the heavy rain started making the third climb soul destroying.

My knees had complained before this but boy on the hill did they start to grumble. I made the top. Slowly. I was now in the mode of get me home!!

I left my IM buds who’d chummed me half way back and they went and did another 45mins or longer.

I was ready to get home, tho the final stretch the wind had picked up and was in my face up this final hill. Why do I live on a hill??? Seriously bad planning !!

Anyway 125km ish and I feel not bad. Feeling more positive I just hope on the day the climb doesn’t kill me.

Activity link below.

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2 responses to “Long ride day

  1. You did great lovey! I did get a bit concerned when the singing stopped though. Reminded me of the Bolton recce. But you did it so that’s another positive tick in the box

  2. Great job in gutting it out Glenn, you shoud be proud to have got so far considering the worries you’ve had with injuries.

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