24 hours to go – Ironman UK 2013

It’s 6am, day before race day. Everything for the race is either in a bag or will be worn tomorrow. My bike only required tyres pumping up, make some lube applied to make sure the workings will give me no resistance. I’m ready as ill ever be for this race. There’s not much I can do.

Arriving yesterday I registered, got my wristband and backpack full of information and the bags. Blue for bike, red for run, white for the morning of the race and green for personal needs on the bike course.

After registering I was 3 hours early for the race briefing. Which meant I had plenty of time to spare so I opted to take my partner on a recce or the bike route and the infamous hill.

In my head, driving up the hill, even though the car was in 2nd gear, I was thinking that it actually isn’t bad, I’ve trained on worse and you can easily break the hill into constituent parts. On the other hand, my other half wasn’t happy, “oh dear this is steep, what a horrible bike course”.

Maybe I’m being naive but actually I’m not worried, maybe third time round it’ll be tough. Maybe second time round it’ll be tough. But I’ll get round.

Returning to the Reebok stadium I was joined by my IM buddies Tina and Alan for the race brief. It was 45 mins of regurgitating the race instructions. I guess they have to do this but as I was prepared and read the instructions many many times I knew all of what they were saying.

I arrived at the cottage, looking over Winters Hill to the East. This is THE hill giving its proper name. It is easily seen due to the massive mast that’s atop of it.

Bags packed, family time. I am super lucky my parents have made the journey down. Mum puts the tea on and we spend the evening having a bit of craic and fun.

This morning consists of swim practice and handing over bikes and transition bags. Then it’ll be rest and recoups ration time until this time tomorrow when ill be starting Ironman UK 2013.





4 responses to “24 hours to go – Ironman UK 2013

  1. Good luck to you and your mates Glenn. I’m sure you’ll do awesome. I’ll be tracking you via the IronTrac app and willing you up those hills!!

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