Running with a cold – the follow up

I posted a blog about running with a cold a number of years ago which was a kinda experiment about wether running with a cold was wise or not. I decided that it did depend on a number of factors. Above head, below head, can you breathe? Can you get out of bed? Do you just feel stuffy?

Recently I’ve been suffering with a cold, a really annoyingly productive one with rivers of phlegm coming from my nose (nice image for you there). So I’ve taken time off from exercising – more than usual as this one doesn’t seem to be the type to run through. Mainly due to the breathing issue and mainly because I did feel terrible.

However I do feel much better today but the taps are still running so to speak. So I’m going to head out for a short run. Which incidentally will be the first in 12 days.

I’m hoping I’ll feel ok but maybe I’ll only make it a short distance before realising it’s a bad idea. I mean I’ve been ill for over a week now coming on 10 days. I’m itching to get onto my new plan.

I’ll let you know how I get on!

    Post run

The run was good, heavy on my chest. The snot was running as well as my body. I’d got in and put off running when eventually I changed and as I did the heavens opened. I changed to have a long sleeve top under my running top so I’d keep generally warm.

Setting off was good. I was running a 4:50 pace. The rain kept me going quickly. Then the long drag up the hill and I could tell I’d gone out too fast. That was when the chest got heavy. I’d noticed the runniness of my nose immediately.

Should I turn back? No! I forced myself to continue. Chest heavy and so I made my pace slower. 4:55 pace. Not that slower. I reached the top of the hill and the steep drop after and downward slope helped me get my breath. I turned the corner and started in the uphill again. My pace slower now. I was getting a stitch. I pushed through an made my way back to base after 23min 5km run. Not too bad but could do better.

Even after feeling better I know I’m not 100% so I’m taking it easy. Ish. 🙂

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