Hill running again!! :)

Hill running is awesome. Let’s face it, we go up for the adventure and the views. Sadly my knee issues have prevented me from this endeavour for a while so running up Arthurs Seat in Edinburgh yesterday was an absolute delight!

Yes it was tough but mighty worth it. I really enjoyed the challenge it put on my lungs and the effort required to get up there. I even enjoyed the trail nature of the course.

I guess I’m spoiled here in Edinburgh that I can take a lunch break and within 5 minutes of my city centre office I can be up a hill on a muddy trail taking in spectacular views. In fact running through the middle valley you wouldn’t know you were in a city centre if you were transported there having not been before!

So you will be right in thinking how happy I am in running up hills. Especially Arthur’s Seat as I used to run there every lunch and it’s been 18mths since I was last there!


Seems the hills were good but I do feel a slight ache and tightness in my right knee the day after. I am hoping this is just grumbling because it’s an increase in effort and is normal muscle soreness.

Sticking with my not running on consecutive days and not doing two tough work outs back to back I decided on not cycling to work or running tomorrow morning. Got to be sensible about this recovery! I also decided half way around this run I’d leave Alan to run further while i took a nice gentle run back.

Here is my run:

Run around Arthur

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