I believe for me this week has had a lot of confidence and shown that no matter what you think if you have confidence then you can achieve what you thought was impossible. Too Profound? Maybe, but true.

I started the week moping about last Sunday when I wrote my last blog. Was it the return of the knee injury? I pondered so I wrote what I was feeling right there and then. However I woke up the next morning energised. I wasn’t going to stop everything just because I had a niggle.

I’ve proved in recent weeks that I had the ability to run, cycle and swim injury free. Before getting the injuries last year I used to get pains all the time. I’d run through most and most would disappear or I’d pull back and after time I’d get through it. Last years was different. But this year was going to be different too.

So energised I decided to cycle as normal on Monday. On Tuesday I’d go to Pilate as getting up early for swimming didn’t happen. Wednesday was a turning point. My knee was good. It didn’t feel niggly so I decided to cycle to work, with swim kit in case I’d want to swim after. During the day I pondered if swimming and cycling was a good idea. It came down to confidence. I was certain I could cycle and I was certain the swim would be fun so I did. I rode to the pool and swam a good 2km set before heading back home on the bike.

The ride home felt great, I clearly had the endorphins running through my bloodstream. The swim was awesome, I felt fit and the pool was quiet and fairly serene so my mood was good.

Returning home I wasn’t finished. This is where my confidence kicked in. I knew I could run and I knew it would be tough but my confidence in my ability was so there that I had no choice. My transition was slow but I still had cycle legs managing an average pace of 4:15 I knew this was fast. My usual 5 km route I know inside out so my body knows when to push and how much to keep back.

I’m not gonna lie there were niggles, pains in the feet and knees but these seemed to come and go.

Finishing off I’d done well. Even on a terrible nutrition strategy, one sandwich at lunch probably wasn’t enough for all that. But I felt good.

Confidence had shone through and I gave myself a mental boost.

Friday came and I was having a weights session with the PT. He wanted to show my how much I was capable of. My technique was spot on and so I was ready to up the weights.

My squats are the worst as flexibility is lacking but the more I do it the better I become. I’d been squatting 30kgs and this was at 13+reps. We loaded to 60 then to 65kgs. Each increase showed me that I needed to be confident in my lifting ability before I even picked up the weights.

This was shown even more so on the dumbbell chest press. Going from 16kg to 20kg weights was tough. I hesitated slightly before my 1st go and I was unable to get the weights off my chest. They were like lead and stuck to my rib cage. Giving it 5 mins the PT said, you can lift these you just need to prepare before you go into it.

Visualising leaning back and lifting the weights I psyched myself up for it. And low and behold I was able and not only that managed 8reps.

Confidence I feel is key to success. If you falter or doubt then this is where you start to fail. Mindset is often said to be the biggest thing for any professional athlete. I rekon I can take on board a similar attitude it my exercising.

P.s. The niggle in the knee remains but isn’t any worse even after all that!


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