Almost there… but am I recovered?

When do you become recovered? Are you always carrying injury?

I’ve had a great few weeks of training, firstly I managed to run 10kms, secondly my swimming is improving again and becoming fast and comfortable with distances. Lastly my cycling has started and I’ve been doing up to 2 hours.  This is good.  What’s more is that my running is feeling comfortable and I’m at ease.  It’s a boost when you push further than you’ve done for a while, gaining that confidence in the ability to run, swim and cycle, dreaming of getting to be injury free.

The confidence has helped and is partly due to my strength exercises that I fit in twice a week.  Doing this has given me hope that I’m strengthening my core, legs, knees and other areas so that my cardio is helped.  It’s clear that muscle imbalance and muscle weakness in certain areas were the root cause of the injuries, that with the endurance work caused the injury to get worse.

After running, cycling and swimming injury free for weeks, I was finally confident to run two long runs, and managed 10km runs 4 days.  My legs were definitely not used to it, and were tired the next day, however, the knee pain that plagued me last year returned 😦

It manifests itself when I’m rested, not while I am exercising.

This is a set back, but by no means a total disaster. I’m feeling positive as I’m quite comfortable in my ability and I don’t have a massive race like Ironman hanging over my head.

So, maybe not fully recovered but definitely getting there!

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