Stepping up

14 weeks to go and I’m steadily increasing my distance and effort in order to be ready for Aberfeldy middle distance triathlon. I’m thankful my injuries are being kept at bay by either smart training or good fortune.

I’m still not ready to say I’ve recovered and as such the name of this blog will remain as it is.

My confidence in my ability is growing. No more so than what I’ve just done. I’ve spontaneously entered a triathlon that is next weekend!!

My desire for adventure took over and it immediately spoke to me this race.

I’d seen The Slateman in a copy of 220 Triathlon magazine and it sounded awesome. Really it did and when it first went up for entries to the 2014 race I didn’t have the courage to enter.

Fast forward a few months and I saw that 50 places had been opened from a tweet as I follow the race on twitter. The seed was growing. So many questions!

Could I get time off work?
Could I drive down there?
Could I complete the course?
Would I want to on my own?
Would it be worth the drive?

My mind did not get persuaded at that time and I left it at that.

The next day I received an email from the Club and explaining that Nina was doing it and asking if anyone else was wanting to enter

Well that made me think more and before you knew it I had entered.

The challenge is big. Not in terms of distance but this will be my first triathlon since ironman. It’ll be my first test. I’ve not open water swam since ironman which was last august. I’ve not even taken the number labels off my helmet from ironman.

Sometimes you just need to believe in your ability and believe that life is for living and these challenges and adventures are what makes us fun.

Wish me luck!

View from Forth Road Bridge on a recent ride.


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