You never put so much thought into every waking minute into one thing unless you’re injured.

Every minute is consumed by my knee. Since having those mega pains on Thursday I’ve rested and felt my muscles slowly contract into heavy tough lumps of flesh. I feel the knee every so often, move it up and down while I lounge on the couch. When I get up and walk about I’m super sensitive to the niggles, if any, or the creaks or the way my knee feels.

Is this conducive to a healthy recovery? Should there be small runs? How small is small? Is active recovery best in this situation. I mean it’s not falling off but then I’ve not had that strong pain since Thursday. Am I just being hyper-sensitive? Hyper aware of the knee so much so I’m preventing my recovery?

Ah – life on the injury bench ain’t easy!

8 responses to “Hyper-awareness

  1. I know what you mean, I had knee issues last year. I took a long time off, but wonder if I really needed to in the event. For me, the fix was building my hip strength and muscles around the knee. I would say light running would be the way to go, but if you do feel any pain then stop. You might find it’s not that bad, but if the pain does persist then you know it needs more attention.

  2. Oh god i am feeling you on the knee pain. At the peak of marathon training right now and haven’t been able to run for a week and a half because of knee pain. I think everyone was well and truly fed up of my moaning! I went for a little 40min very very slow run to test it out today once i no longer had pain walking and it was okayish… Now im wondering when i can next get away with running and when i can start building up again! It is so hard.

  3. You may well be over sensitive which is understandable after your last injuuree. However, I think you have to get out there and test it. Even if its just a run around the block initially. Be prepared to stop if it hurts too much but if its just a tweeky or a short pain that goes away after a while then carry on. If it feels ok after the block then extend a bit further. Make sure you do some strengthening exercises for your quads especially inner ones – you could have some imbalance between inner and outer quad muscles which are pulling your kneecap across. Or you may just have been sitting awkwardly in one position and your knee complained about it when you moved.

    • I’m thinking quad tightness is a factor. I’m getting niggly feelings mid quad. My walk back from murrayfield was ok which is about 6km. Just when lying on sofa it started to niggle

  4. Not sure if it’s runner’s knee or IT band problem you’re having? I’ve heard with runner’s knee you can run on it, but my issues have been IT band. I’ve had two IT band issues and was very proactive: ART therapy while acute. Then to maintain I do hip and glute strengthening plus foam rolling. Hope you’re feeling better!

    • Thanks for the comment. It’s not runners knee. I think it’s just overuse. I’ve had a bout of itb, took me out of 2013 running. Was tough but I got through it. Hip & glute strengthening all the way!

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