An unexpected step back week

It all began well, a good run on Tuesday and Wednesday saw me run twice, though one was just with the work run club. It’s only week 2 and they’re getting more confident and I taught them the importance of pace awareness and how to run up hills.

That aside I ran thursday and where it felt easy my pace was pretty good, 8kms where the 1st 3km is uphill and the rest 5km is down hill so no wonder it was easy. That was good and I was quite happy until lunch when I stood up and had pain in the knee. It was fairly strong and didn’t really go away. So I’m now on rest. And will rest until at least next week.

My theory is muscle tightness in quads or calves and that’s pulling the knee.

I’ll stretch and keep flexible with the hope it will heal quick!

4 responses to “An unexpected step back week

  1. Why is it that with all the modern technology, frozen peas are still the best ice pack? Best of luck with recovery, rest hard!

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