No one does a finish line like Ironman

We happened to be in Nice for the Ironman France and what a treat. It brought back amazing memories of endurance and pride from when I did the UK one. My admiration for all participants was made greater for doing an Ironman distance triathlon in the sun and heat of the South of France would have been difficult especially for those Northern European athletes not used to the climate. 

We’d seen the finish of the pros and they got a fantastic reception but what greeted us at the finish chute for the final hour wasn’t anything in comparison. They gave out gazoos, blow up batons and had the last 100m lined with the famous red carpet and stands for 4 deep on either side. 

They were full of spectators. Some who like us had just arrived and were soaking in the atmosphere. Music was blaring and lights were flashing like a party. It was crazy, each athlete to run or walk down the finish line was cheered and greeted by the announcer who’d give hi fives or kneel down and point to give kudos for finishing. 

What a buzz. Such energy. I’ve never seen anything like it and certainly the running events I’ve done haven’t come close. It really is like a party. 

We stayed until the cut off time and the last guy down the chute made it for 3 seconds to spare then the fireworks were set off in the bay as at 10pm the bay was in dark musk night. 

Awesome. If I thought I’d not do another one this experience has changed my mind. I’m gonna do another one just when is the question! 


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