Nice Is Nice not for Triathletes :)

It just happened to be Ironman France the weekend we came to Nice. The first clue was the abundance of Bike Boxes coming around the baggage conveyer at Nice Cote de Azur airport. The second clue was the people themselves waiting on their bags. Skinny, tall, bronzed triathletes wearing the main brands from Cycling to running and there’s the ironman Tats being displayed on their calves ankles and shoulders. 

If I was in any doubt by the time we’d got on the bus with everyone else due to taxi strikes we were being driven down the Promenade de Anglais which was adorned in Ironman logos. 

Our decision to come here was so random. We had on our bucket list to Canoe down the Ardeche. So naturally we started looking for destinations in the South of France. A place little known to either of us, we didn’t even have much of a desire to go apart from the canoeing. 

Flights were the big draw and we had eventually found some that would fit in with our schedule and at a price that was sensible. 

Anyway we settled on Nice to stay for a few days before making our way to Avignon and then the Ardeche. 

So it turns out Nice is nice, and hot. The main sea front, Promenade de Anglais, is awash with triathletes running, cyclists cycling in large peletons and swimmers cooling themselves on the pebbly beach. 

The triathletes are all fit. Really fit. Like they all are, there’s no sign of the triathletes like me, white pastey and carrying more than my share of podge. 

There’s a lot of guys wearing finishers t shirts from previous ironman races. I decided to get mine out today to go to the beach in a kind of, yes I’m not a skinny bloke with apples for calves but I have done one too, kinda way. 

It dawned on me during my “early morning” 9:30am run why there’s no Brits here, coz it’s just too bloody hot to be doing that sort of thing. We’re not built for this weather to walk in never mind race in. I’m almost drenched in sweat 5 mins from leaving the hotel. It’s a 3 t shirt and 4 showers a day weather. 

I’m looking forward to watching these gods of triathlon tomorrow. I hope in a jealous girlfriend type of way that they all look shit and struggle through it. Tho as usual massive kudos to those that cross that line! 

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