Operation Ultra/ not get injured

It’s started. Tentatively I wander into the balancing act of increasing my running and all the while warding off the injury. This tightrope is thin. The foot continues to grumble, though not usually when running. Normally after, well after I’ve stopped does it come on. Achy and niggly. 

The Ultra is 50km. My original plan was to train for the Marathon and keep the fitness. Do some back to backs. 

That’s all out the window now. I’ve got to be careful that I’m not hurting myself more and that I’m not setting myself for a fall. 

The build up will be fast and definitely not following the 10% rule. My plan is to increase to half marathon in the next two weeks (I’ve just ran 14kms) and then take it up to 30km. And then up to 35/40. I know I’m not gonna make anything more. The ultra is less than 7 weeks away. I’m going to be running 6-7min/km and adding in walking breaks. There’s no way I’m running it all. 

My training will be 3x per week with a long walk at the weekends. 

Wish me luck 

2 responses to “Operation Ultra/ not get injured

  1. What’s the time limit? Trail? Hilly? Support? I ran a 50k training run in about 5:54 last year ramping up to Ironman Wisconsin. It bugged me that I ran a 50, but it wasn’t “official”, so I signed up for one this year. Since I knew my training was nowhere near what it was last year, I decided to make is as easy on myself as possible. FANS 24 run. They measure total distance over 24 hours and I could stop anytime. So, I had 24 hours to make 50k…on a flat 2.1 mile loop with two aid stations. It took me 7:50, and I was way undertrained. But the goal was to clock the distance at an official event. You have to ask yourself, what are you hoping to achieve? Just finish and healthy, or more aggressive? Train accordingly. I have back to back marathons in October. Goal is to finish only. As the FANS RD stated at the start of the event “Start slow, then taper…”

    • Goal is to enjoy and finish. Need to see if there is a time limit but as the course is to circumnavigate a remote Scottish island I think I’ll be fine just plodding on. Thankfully it doesn’t get dark until 11pm there! I’ll start slow and go slower then! 🙂

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