Raleigh Activator 3. 1999-2016. Eulogy. 

Raleigh Activator 3. 1999-2016. Eulogy.    
Bought from Ferguson Cycles Blyth, this bike was the second Raleigh I owned. It was purchased as the vehicle for my first solo adventure, a ride across Britain. 4 days, 3 nights on the C2C Workington to Tynemouth. I knew little about bikes then and in hindsight it wasn’t the best choice for that journey. I almost caved in on the Hartside pass, and I was glad to get to the cafe at the top and knew Alston was only down the hill. Still it got me to the end and I raised some nice cash for the local kids ward. 

I rode it seldom after that, only for jaunts up and down the coast from home. It came to Edinburgh in 2001 where I studied but there was no room so it got taken down south and locked up in an outside cupboard, not before falling off my saxo, travelling at 50mph on A697 on the trip down south. Oops

It briefly made an appearance at the start line of the Great North Bike Ride in 2002 until Laura’s Dad condemned it with it being Unmaintained and neglected for a while, and he gave me one to borrow. Oddly enough it was Laura’s Dad who sold me the bike in first instance. Back to the cupboard it went. 

Years later, I returned from Canada, moved down south and by all intensive purposes it was forgotten. Until I made a move back up north, back to Edinburgh. Now with a flat and a job in town I remembered this ‘trusty’ steed. I was being persuaded to commute to work by bike so I thought this would do!

On my next visit home, I opened the cupboard, and there was the bike. Covered in pigeon poop. Rusty. 

A power wash hose down took all the nasty mess off it and the chain and parts oiled it looked as good as new. New inner tubes were inserted and inflated. 

Brake cables were checked and were found to be good as were the brake pads. 

I took it back up north in 2009 some 10 years since buying, and this time tied securely onto my car and I started to ride to work. It did me for 3 months until I decided that it wasn’t fit for commuting. The gear ratio and size just wasn’t right. 

Since 2010 it has been sitting in the garage. Once again neglected. Once again rusty with deflated types. 

So it was with much sadness that this had to go, it had to by recycled, who knows, maybe into something new?

And you know what they say, n+1 rule. That means I need at least 2 more as n never decreases. 😉 

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