SwimRun training part 1

I missed a swim session, too sleepy and my Team mate for Brecca, Tony couldn’t make the swim so I was less inclined to drag myself out of bed on Wednesday to go swimming by myself. 

Instead of swimming I lay in bed pondering how I could make up for not swimming. This clearly is counterproductive but the blerch was well and truly on top of me so to speak. 

So pondering away I thought I’d give myself a wee challenge. I’m training for swim run so why don’t I swim and run. A kind of brick session but no bike. 

Logistics – where would I swim. Easy, in the pool. I’m not doing open water this time of year. 

Which pool – it needed to be far enough away to run or where a decent run could be had. 

What clothes – I needed to either change into swimming gear or just wear the trisuit. Clearly showering before getting into the pool would be necessary and sanitary for the other poor souls swimming. 

What distance – enough to get a good workout, not too much to break me and enough swimming to justify the swim run. 

When – before work? After? Weekend? 

So pondering continued until it fell into place. I’d run to the commonwealth pool, 10kms. Then swim 1km and then run to work 4kms ish. 

I would take clothes for that day to work today so they’re ready for when I get to work, meaning less to carry. 

I would wear the trisuit and have a t shirt and shorts on to have some warmth/ decorum as id be running through the city and no one needs to see an enthusiastic active person in skin tight Lycra at that time in the morning (or anytime I guess). 

I’d have to carry my goggles and pull bouy in a bag or something. 

Planning done, I just had to action it. 

I offered this suggestion to Tony but he politely declined. 

Thursday morning, it’s 7am and I’m leaving the house. I’d opted for arm warmers too as it was a nippy 2C. It was dark, little wind and I was huffing and puffing. The breath was showing in the orange lights. I opted for cycle path route, and realised this was the first time on a road for sometime. 

I felt good, averaging an easy 5:30 pace. I must admit to feeling self conscious about what it would be like going into a pool in a trisuit. Then again, I guess people do know what they are these days and not too much of a shock. 

I’d forgotten about chaffing. Heading through the meadows I was remembering this feeling as I was getting rubbed by the suit. Lube is needed next time. 

I get to the pool, out of breath and sweating I hand my membership card to the counter guy and I head downstairs to change. Or rather just strip. The shower was uber hot as my skin was cool. Jumping in the pool felt strange. The first few lengths I felt my arms were tired. 

The swim went quick. Nothing much to report here. Getting out I had brought a towel so I dabbed myself down and put on my shorts and t shirt and trainers and headed outside. My legs felt wobbly but I managed to get back into a rhythm again. 

I finished feeling good and refreshed and not all that strange. Not sure the swim run transition was worth it or even representative of the event but it was good to put two sports together. 

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