Not long to go now!

I’ve made it to East Lothian. 60km shy of the complete John Muir Way that I started on a whim back on the 1st April. Running and Walking the 155km so far in 19 days. 
It’s been really enjoyable seeing parts of Scotland that I might never have seen if it hadn’t have been for this long distance path. As I said in my previous post, the logistics have been for the most part super easy. That’s what I guess made this journey and challenge easy. I’m currently sat writing this, sweat drying on my forehead on a top deck of a bus that will take me all the way home, for £1.60 thanks to Edinburgh cheap bus fares and the fact I happen to live on the opposite end of the No26 bus route. 
Making it to East Lothian and the coast is a milestone in itself as it means I’ve ran/walked coast to coast. Running I part with Tony and walking with Andy it’s been good also to share the journey. 
Today as the sun shone I arrived back into Edinburgh Airport after being away with work, and thought I needed to run, and see how far I could get. I changed into running clothes, and set out to run the City section of the John Muir Way. I went over Corstorphine hill, looked into the zoo but no Zebras were there tonight. The view of the city laid out before me, with the castle and Arthur’s seat sitting proud against an unseasonably blue Scottish sky. 

The route heads down to the railway paths and picks up the water of Leith, meandering west for a time though still on the easterly direction of the route the path climbs up to the canal at the Slateford Aquaduct. 

The canal was busy, towers and kayakers were on the water, whist the bikes runners and walkers were on the tow path. 

Into the city we made our way down the Bruntsfield links across the meadows before reaching Holyrood park. I resisted climbing Arthur and headed down the Innocent Railway path toward the sea. That’s where you pop out at the sea at the start of East Lothian at Musselburgh. Very little road, mostly Tarmac paths and as a capital city I can’t help be impressed by that. 

Now I’ve only got 9 Kms left before I reach Port Seton where the Ultramarathon starts this Saturday where I’ll run it and complete this long distance path. There will be sore feet. Sore knees are also a possibility. But it will be worth it! 


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