The dark wood reflection 

The clouds hang low over the city, illuminated by the lights creating a monochrome view. The vast darkness spreads out where nature is king and wild things roam, making noises as I disturb them. Running in this environment helps me learn, think, and reflect on the day. My own planet earth II in my back yard. 

The wood being dark, I have only my headtorch and residual light to guide my path. I think ahead to what will come yet in the dark everything changes. A different perspective on the environment. Logs become monsters, branches become monsters, everything is a monster waiting to jump. 

Green eyes stare back at you in the depth of the undergrowth. Planet Eart 2 cities was on last night and is fresh in my mind that animals work in packs to catch their pray. It’s only a matter of time before foxes team up together to pounce on an unexpected runner doing a festive streak in the woods. 

All the while my mind is reflecting on a busy day, working out what is what, what I’ve to do, what could I have handled better and what will I do tomorrow. Some of my clearer thoughts happen whilst pounding the streets or trails. 

This is why I run. 2 weeks every day I’ve been running now. And I’m starting to feel good for it. Hopefully it will continue! 

 #festivestreak day 14 #runtagit #whyirun #itrainfor #getoutside #experience #Edinburgh #fun #explore #neverstopexploring #planetearth2 #bbc #neverstopedinburgh

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