Day 18 of #festiveStreak will hurt

I’m tired. Its only 2pm and I’m considering a nap. It’s been a long day so far, 6am alarm and a 16km race in the bag making it 17days of December running. Day 18 is tomorrow and my legs are already not looking forward to it. 

I can’t tell you how amazing the race was though. The guys at Foxlake Adventures put on an awesome Winter Trail series. Up to 6 races this year and growing in numbers. The trails around East Lothian and John Muir Country Park are second to none. Beautiful winter forest trails, beach and estuary sections, and wonderful dune and bogs just to keep it interesting. 

I went out with a slight injury but the trail was kind to it. I wasn’t going to race but, I saw a few folk in front and I thought “I’m gonna take them” and I did. 🙂 

I was even encouraged by seeing a few folk I knew en route. Which in turn encouraged me to run faster. 

The wheels started to fall off 5km from the finish. Stitches, and pains in the torso were screaming for me to slow down but I didn’t want to. I was gunning for it then. 

25th overall out of 141! And a PR in strava for the route. My legs did a sterling job! 

Now I’m off for that nap and to try not to think about running again tomorrow. 

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