How do you train for a 56mile run?

Putting in the miles has been the context of the past few weeks. My long weekend runs have consisted of at least 3 hours on foot running at a reasonable pace.

My legs have been tired at the end of these and I’ve been slightly concerned that these have only really been a third of the distance of the Ultra.

A by product of this level of training has been my hunger. Epic proportions. I’ve woken up at 3am hungry on so many occasions.

Despite my concerns I’ve been relatively happy with my progress and I’ve been keeping the niggles at bay by foam rolling and getting massaged.

As I’ve never run this distance before I’m really flying by the seat of my pants with training. I’m not sure if my strategy of back to back long days is right or if my long runs are too long. Or if double run days are the right thing to do.

Running Glasgow to Edinburgh is on 1st April 2017, less than a month away! It’s a hell of a distance, and a little scary.  Stepping up to this distance is a real challenge for me, and hoping that I will achieve it in the 11 hours you get!

How will I do? Time will tell!

I’m also raising money for Hope for Children who raise funds to provide smaller charities, not well known, and who directly help Children local and abroad.  I really like this charity as their overheads are small, and money raised really does make a difference.  Local charity, Lothian Autistic Society also benefit from this Charity’s help.  So if you can spare a little, to see me suffer, please do so.

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2 responses to “How do you train for a 56mile run?

  1. I am so impressed by you taking on this challenge. I think double up days are a great way to get distance into your legs and be able to rest/eat to recover in ;between. A lot of the ‘experts’ recommend it. On the day just keep to a low HR/low cadence and I think you will be surprised at how far your body will take you. With you all the way in a virtual sense x

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