Glasgow to Edinburgh Ultra Training

It’s not going well, I mean, I’ve been running and running a lot but 56miles is quite far and after just 22miles today, my legs were ready to drop off.

Having said that, my pace was quick*, average 10min/mile and I went over the Pentlands which is a far different terrain than canal tow path. I was quick, as I was time bound to meet a mate for coffee who was in town just for the weekend.

*quick in terms of ultra running

I do however love the distances and getting some long runs in and getting to places, that I don’t normally do on my day to day runs.

I’m meant to do back to back runs at the weekend on my training but I’m just not getting the chance to do this, but I am planning on running to work if my legs haven’t fallen off by then.

This is the furthest I will have raced and it scares me. Excites me too, but my main emotion is scared.  Not scared of the run, or the way my legs will feel, but scared of not finishing.  I will be running with a colleague too, though not sure we will run together but he is also doing the race.

Today’s run was great though, I left my house and ran directly to the hills, which is a first. Usually I’ll start out in the Pentlands after driving there.  It was good to get there on my own steam, taking in some canal and some of the Water Of Leith cycle way.  I followed a new path which I’d not been on to get there, called Donkey Lane.  Scouting this for future cycles, but it is only Hybrid/Mtn bike ridable.  I then took a lovely named path called Poet’s Glen which rises out of the Water of Leith in to the hills and onto Maiden’s Cleugh. This was another path i’d not been down.  It’s really good to explore these routes, and I have to say this path didn’t disappoint.  It follows a steep glen, with small waterfalls and a wee loch.  It’ll be lovely in the Spring/Summer!

Off over Maiden’s Cleugh through the Pentland hills, I stop to take a photo at the top before the path descends to Flotterstone.  I recognise a hill runner, a previous colleague and we run down to Flotterstone together.  It was good to have some company!

From Flotterstone I was back on new ground, I was following the breadcrumb trail on my watch to get me to Roslin Glen, and I found a nice off road route some of the way. I located the Cycle Way that I’d been on before, following that through an old Railway Tunnel then onto a Viaduct.  Amazing these old railway paths.  I headed down into Roslin Glen, through old mills and up into Roslin passing the Lab that made Dolly the Sheep.  Here I picked up another old railway path that would take me to Gilmerton, back into Edinburgh.

It was a fine route, I was starting to get tired, legs were falling apart and I was getting a sore stomach.  I think my pace was too fast.

I ate a Toffee and Choc Chip Hot Cross Bun with tons of Lurpack on it.  This was a taste sensation I have to say! Tesco Finest if you want to try!

Heading into the city, the Castle was way in the distance and I was late meeting my mate. My route planner had a pace of 5:30 based on previous runs, but the hills made me slower and it did not take this into account.

Overall a good run, but an interesting test and has made me think more about this race.


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