Ultra Maranoia

I first heard the term Maranoia a few years back when it comes to the London Marathon time of year a lot of people talk about it. I’ve never done that marathon but somehow my Twitter fills up with it at this time of year. 

I’ve felt it too, and I’m feeling it too but for the Ultra, TOMORROW (Sat, 1st April). 

I’m setting out to work, afterwhich I’ll head straight to Glasgow to stay with a friend so I’m close to the start. 

Walking down the hill from where I live in Edinburgh I can see the course of the canal and I started to wonder what I’d be feeling the next time I’m there on that towpath, some 50 miles into the Ultra. I then wondered, will I even make it there? 

Have I even got everything? My bag weighs a ton. Mostly food stuffs which will be distributed across bag and drop bag. But have Iremembered  everything? I thought I had all of it packed last night until I woke up and realised I’d forgot to put the trainers in the bag. You know those things that I really need for this thing. Ffs! 

Paranoia has set in. 

Currently sat on the bus and thinking the walk down the hill to work could be treacherous! All those curbs and broken flagstones. Cars. People. All these things could hurt me! 


What are your paranoid thoughts?

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