2 weeks

I’m setting out in 2 weeks time to run 56 miles. That’s 90km. That’s a long way. I’ve been starting to visualise the run. Walk through it mentally, figure out what and how I’ll be feeling in order to prepare myself. 

This challenge will be more mental than physical. I will hurt. I will be tired. I will feel sick at some point, nauseous from the sugar I’ll be putting into my body to keep me going. I will want to stop. 

I’m going into the unknown. I’ve never run more than 35miles before, which was around the beautiful island of Tiree. That was a wonderful experience. Rugged, wild, trail, remote. In stark opposite, I’ll be running often in stones throw from civilisation, running along track and pavement following the canal towpath. 

I remember from Tiree my feet aching by the end of it. They would be louping. My heartbeat being felt through the soles of my swollen foot. 56 miles on this terrain will surely be worse? 

Then there’s the monotony of the canal itself. Constant towpath, and still water to its right. Sure there’ll be bridges, wildlife, trees, but the canal will be constant like a motorway. 

I’ve broken it down mentally onto the 4 check points, though I imagine by the time I reach the 4th at Broxburn some 20kms from Edinburgh I’ll be needing smaller chunks to break it down. 

I’ve just watched 100metres. It’s a Spanish film, about a guy who developed Multiple Sclerosis. A degenerative disease that affects nerves. He trained for an ironman after diagnosis and after not being able to walk. It was based on a true story and at the end they showed footage of the real guy who it was based on finishing. It reminded me that what people often think and believe to be not possible, that it is possible. 

It also reminded me of how I felt prior to the Ironman in 2013, and of course when I finished. The achievement of that event still make me proud even if that does sound narcissistic! I think doing Ironman is the closest thing to this ultra given the time I’ll be out running, and the distances that it’ll take me. 

I’ll be thinking about these feelings to get me to Edinburgh. 

The next two weeks I need to keep flexible, keep my legs in shape. Rest and get ready for my run. This is gonna be slightly easier now I’m on holiday. 

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