I’m still 20, right?

You know that thing that when you’re in your 30s and you still feel like you’re in your early 20s and can’t believe the pace of change in people’s lives? The same is true for my running. I still feel like that fat dude running / walking 5km was yesterday or at the latest a few years ago. It was 2009 in fact. 8 years ago. Shit. 
I’ve just written my 200th blog which started in 2012 as a way of sharing my running story. By that point I was planning running 2 marathons 4 weeks apart still reeling from my mental first marathon. Back then I don’t think I had thought about running longer. In fact I wasn’t sure the 2nd marathon was a great idea. It turned out OK in the end and my body reacted well. 
Somewhere in the past 5 years I’ve been inspired by all these crazies who go long and long and longer. My own ability has changed without me really thinking too hard about it and after 3 ultras I’m now looking for my next challenge. I’m now wanting to join these crazies and be even more amazed at the human body and the endurance it can have. 
I’ve already written about the draw to do a multi stage event and the Cape Wrath Ultra is definitely a step up to that. 
If there has ever been one of these challenges and step ups, this has to be one of the biggest. Ironman was a huge step, having only done one season of triathlon with Standard being the longest, ironman was a big step for cycling and swimming. I’d already done the marathon but could I do it after the cycle and swim? I could as it turned out, and not without some bumps. 
Cape Wrath unknowns are;
1. It’s a marathon a day and more for 8 days – will my legs cope?

2. It’s mountainous terrain (arguably my mountain marathons have exposed me to this) – but that was just one night and less than a marathon a day

3. It’s camping for 9 nights – will I cope?

4. Vegetarian food for 9 nights – will I cope? I may need to sneak in some meat product

5. I could go on but won’t. 
I’ve a year to prepare so I should be able to knock a few unknowns to maybe semi experienced unknown. But I still feel like that 5km fat dude. 
How would you prepare for this?

4 responses to “I’m still 20, right?

    • Noted. I’m hoping for clear visibility and gps signal giving good coordinates! I’m still gonna shove some meat in my bag lol or kill a stag but that may be too much to handle in one go. 😂

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