Just when everything was going well I only went and injurated. I know this isn’t a word but it is. 

I’ve gone and done it twice though. Once, walking across the road my ankle gave up. WALKING!! A twinge going all the way up the side of the leg. I could hardly walk. This was about 4 weeks ago. I’ve rested as best I can without running. The couple of 5kms have been ok but left me with a slight ache. 

The 2nd was caused by overuse on the bike. A full 8 day cycle holiday followed by a week of commuting and then a 2 day 250km jaunt to England and back caused my knee to flare up. 

This is less than ideal since I’m 2 weeks I’ve got my A race. City 2 Summit. 

I’ve been good though. I’ve rested for a week. And yesterday I got back on it and cycled and the knee was good. The ankle, less so with clipping in and out of the pedals hurting the ankle. 

So without having run further than 14 miles in 8 weeks I’m due to run a half marathon, ride 112 miles and then run another marathon Over Ben Nevis. 

Honestly, I think the cycling will be fine. That’s if I can make the 1st run ok. If I do get off the bike. Then the challenging terrain of the West Highland Way and then The Ben will be tough. Pure grit and pure ibuprofen will potentially get me around the marathon. Oh and lots of haribo!   

2 responses to “Injurated 

  1. Injurated is so a word! What are you like? I am not sure you have ever arrived at a start line having completed your training as you would want to. You have grit in abundance so I am sure you will suceed. Whether you will be able to walk/run or cycle afterwards is a minor issue 😉

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