19 days to go…

IMG_1342.jpgTravelling with work is ‘tough’, it’s usually early starts, long days, travelling itself takes its toll.  A lot of walking and a lot of thinking usually.  Proactively I have limited my travelling in the weeks leading up to the race, with a hope I will reach Fort William rested and ready to tackle the race.  Inevitably with work though, decisions are out of my hands and I just need to get on with what comes my way.  I very rarely talk about my work on this blog, maybe because it isn’t on topic – it’s not – but also because it is a separate life.  Rarely do my home/ personal life cross over with work life.

When ever I travel, whether it is customer meetings, internal meetings in other offices, it usually is full on with back to back meetings, where you need to think and pay attention all the time.  Even post work, in a hotel or going for a meal you will be with colleagues and always switched on.  Mentally it is tough.  Furthermore with my work as it is, any time off will mean preparation to make sure that any dependencies on me and my work are taken care of whilst I am away and in that means working more than usual to get these items completed.   Just because I’m on leave, doesn’t mean I get that time off.

I am lucky though, when I leave work, generally I can forget about it until I go back the next day.  I’m good at compartmentalising both activities. But in a lead up to a project, or holiday, I will be thinking about the job most of the time anyway, because I need to, and want to ,so that we get the best outcome.

It so happens I’m in that period of intense work, where projects are needing attention and my leave is in the middle of a cruicial period.  I can’t even plan to keep in contact as whilst I am in the midst of the Scottish Highlands, I will be incommunicado through running and because signal is lacking!

So my taper is a balance between maintaining rest and running, but also making sure that I leave some thought and mental capacity to prepare for the Ultra.  And I’m not underestimating the mental preparation as the majority of this run will be needing to keep the demons out of my head to keep me pushing toward the lighthouse. I will want to quit, I will want to make excuses to quit and I might quit once or twice, before reversing that decision and continuing North.

Right now, sitting in the airpot, I am afforded time to reflect on this, and part of writing this piece is my personal acknowledgment that the Taper is going to be hard and will need to make time to think and prepare.

19 days to go…

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