I could do without this…

A trip away with work that is. The same week I need to get my head into the zone. Visualising aspects of the race. Not that it is a race but more a challenge. (If you’re new to this blog then I plan on running 400kms). If I weren’t full time employed things would be different. I’d be rested for sure, I would have had a different training regimen and I would have had 100% focus on the task. I am full time employed though, and that employment right now needs more of my focus than ever before. The challenges of the 9-5 seeping into the post and pre- 9-5 which I am sure most employees will encounter at some point in their careers. I see it often, but that is because I need to, you do whatever to get the job done. Even more so when getting up to speed with the impending ‘holiday’, making sure any dependencies are catered for and you are able to leave guilt free. Work is work.

Now, I am sure that my colleagues will cope with my leave but I do like to be prepared.

Balancing this with my impending race is a jigsaw. Moreover, I have planned to raise money toward Hope for Children as well, which adds some more stressors! (Sponsor me?)

I am however physically prepared. I have packed, I have washed kit and I have bought all hill food. I just need to have time to mentally prepare. This blog is part of that. My legs may be doing the running but Mental preparedness is going to get me through the tough times when my legs are screaming to stop and the pain increases and exhaustion sets in. Cumulative fatigue will be the norm that will increase in relevance day by day.

So yeah, this trip to London isn’t helping me prepare. I’m also acutely aware that I am exposing myself to many more germs and people than I would feel comfortable with. My immune system has taken a knocking and is going to be stressed in the coming event. I need to get to the start illness free.

I spent last night tossing and turning and visualising the race.  I can only seem to get to day 1, after that I can’t seem to visualise it.  I have 8 days of running in total, day 3 sees me run 42miles, with 2400m of elevation.  That will hurt. Part of the issue is that I’ve never been to some of these areas and so I don’t have any preconceptions of what the terrian will be like.  I do have the maps, which I have been pouring over, revising them like I would be sitting an exam.

Between the work, I am literally consumed with this run, and so I should be. I do not take starting this type of challenge lightly.  I have to respect the race and I have to respect what enormous task it really will be.  If you happen to be reading this from 20th May to 27th May, you can see how far I have got following this link and searching for participant 164.

2 responses to “I could do without this…

  1. I can so relate to this from our IM days. I could never visualize further than the swim. So not being able to visualize further than Day 1 is fine in my humble opinion. Think about Day 2 when you snuggle down into your sleep bag after Day 1

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