8 days remain

8 days remain. The same number of days I will be running for. Excited but scared.

I’ve been fighting a cold. This always happens when I wind down. Whether tapering or working, as soon as I take the foot off the accelerator I get ill. Being run down is inevitable after a training regimen that had me running back to back to backs with little time for rest. Plus working a full week, travelling and organising takes its toll. However, I’m fighting good and yesterday’s run seemed like a dream after 5 days of abstinence.

I’m running for Hope for Children, a Charity that I was introduced to through my employer, and have grown to respect through the amazing work they do. A little outfit who do great things. Check them out. You can donate to my challenge page as well if you would be so kind! Thanks.


When I start running at 10am 19th May, my tracker will be live and I would encourage you to follow my progress as I crawl my way to Cape Wrath. Maybe donate some more as I slow down and find it hard to keep going. I’m participant 164.

Open Tracking

The enormity of the run is starting to settle in. Especially when plotted on a map like that.

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